County councillor invites bids for share of £20,000 funding pot

Cllr Karen Constantine

A county councillor for Ramsgate is inviting people to apply for grants.

Cllr Karen Constantine has a KCC £20,000 members grants that she is able to share out amongst local groups for projects which will benefit the area.

Money can be used for a variety of schemes including events, sport projects, community safety schemes and more.

Cllr Constantine said: “One privilege of being a county councillor is the ability to use a member’s grant. If you are part of group, team or organisation that needs some funding for a good cause or a community based activity please contact me to discuss it and how to apply.”

Find out more about the grant here 

Contact Cllr Constantine by email at

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  1. Hi I don’t suppose you would have a spare £500 for me ages 58 to go and see my very ill mother in Lincoln would you?can’t get help from anywhere else otherwise I will never see her again,not a project for Ramsgate but a project for me as I have to get there as soon as possible.Thank you

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