The Thanet council office in Ramsgate is to close for good

The office in York Street Image Google Maps

The Thanet council office in Ramsgate will shut for good in September.

The authority says a lack of use of the York Street office and online alternatives have prompted the decision to close it down.

A council spokesman said: “Given the low usage and declining footfall, as well as improvements in digital alternatives, the decision has been taken to close the Ramsgate District Office on Friday 1 September.

“The way people choose to access our services is changing with a move towards digital and all the services currently accessed at the office are available online or by telephone.

“Thanet Gateway Plus will still be available for residents to access help and advice face-to-face. The services offered at this location include Housing Benefit and Council Tax enquiries, Licensing, Environmental Health, Housing, Waste and Recycling collections.

“Customers are currently being informed to ensure as much warning as possible is given to help minimise the impact of the closure.

Thanet council say the footfall to the Ramsgate District Office has reduced 14% year on year.

‘Negative impact’

Labour councillor Peter Campbell says residents should contact the council if they are concerned about the closure and lack of consultation.

In a message to residents he said: “Without any consultation, it seems, with Ramsgate residents, Thanet District Council has decided that it is closing its office in Ramsgate.

“This will, of course, impact negatively on Ramsgate residents who will find it difficult, or impossible, to access services online or to get to Margate to the Thanet Gateway Plus. Margate residents already enjoy a far greater range of services that are easily accessible than is the case in Ramsgate. Is it any wonder that people in Ramsgate feel like the poor relation?

“TDC says that low usage and declining footfall is to blame and that services are moving online. I would certainly suggest that if TDC provided the same level of service in Ramsgate then footfall would increase.

“Would it not be worth trialling this instead of taking this unilateral decision to axe the poorer service we already have?”

Thanet council says anyone with questions about the closure should call TDC on 01843 577000.