Ossie the cat’s claw-some adventure after being grabbed by a seagull and dropped through a shed roof

Ossie survived his adventure with barely a scratch after being saved by the purr-spex roof

Ossie the cat has just eight lives left after a seagull swooped down and grabbed him and then dropped him through a Perspex shed roof!

The one-stone moggy was snared by the angry gull at his Minster home after apparently disturbing the bird and its babies up on the roof of owner Helen Sefton’s house.

Businesswoman Helen, who runs company Cleaning Angels, heard a huge bang outside and then saw her cat climbing out of the broken roof.

The now-mended roof

The nan-of-one said: “My red bin bag was recently stolen. I  had contacted Minster library who had none, and also TDC who also had none.

“So I decided to buy a garden incinerator to dispose of the paper waste  and rather than have food rotting around the garden in a small brown bin, I thought it would be much more hygienic to feed the seagulls our left over food, especially as they had some lovely babies on our roof.

“I do have cats, but thought as the seagulls are so large my lazy moggies wouldn’t be very interested in them.

“So, imagine my surprise the other day when I heard a large bang outside the lounge window of my first floor maisonette and  looked out of the window to see my rather large black moggie Oswald Mosley climbing out of the now broken Perspex roof of the shed below.

“The doorbell immediately went, and my neighbour from downstairs, John, said’ did you see that? A seagull swooped down and grabbed your cat in its ‘claws’ then opened its beak to get a better hold and dropped him through the roof!

“My cat weighs over a stone so it must have been a massive seagull.”

Lucky Oswald appears to still be in purr-fect condition despite his ordeal.

Helen said: “ I immediately checked Ossie and I think the perspex roof saved him, but he’d better watch out, as he only has eight lives left now!”