Thanet council hits flytippers with £400 fines

Fly-tip hotspot in Thanet

Thanet District Council has cracked down on flytippers by dishing out £400 fixed penalty notices (FPN).

The fly tips, which were made at known ‘hot-spots’ across Thanet as well as in household streets, were all traced back to the culprits after investigations by the council’s dedicated Street Scene Enforcement team.

Those prosecuted received the maximum available £400 FPN, which have been paid in full with an admission of liability for the crime.

The £400 fine, which was implemented in February, means immediate enforcement can be taken. Previously the council had limited enforcement powers which normally involved a lengthy and costly court process.  If the FPN remains unpaid, offenders will be taken to court.


Cllr Suzanne Brimm, Cabinet member for Operational Services, said: “The type of waste being irresponsibly disposed of at these fly-tips shows a complete disregard and disrespect for where we live. Frustratingly, all those prosecuted were from Thanet, so they are ultimately dumping waste illegally on their doorstep!

“The council has a zero tolerance approach to anyone caught illegally dumping rubbish and waste, so it is really encouraging that we are now able to make prosecutions in a shorter time-frame and on a more regular basis.

“It is really important that members of the public understand the importance of using registered waste carriers to dispose of large items of household waste. Illegally fly-tipped waste will be traced back to its owner, and a fine issued to them in our efforts to create a clean and welcoming environment for all those in Thanet.”

The council also recently prosecuted two Ramsgate residents who dumped items in an alleyway at the side of their property when they moved out. The court sentenced them to fines totalling £857.50.


The £400 FPN is just one of a number of new enforcement measures taking place across the district to crack down on irresponsible and anti-social behaviour. The council has also started enforcing an £80 FPN to anyone caught urinating or spitting in the street.

Keep it clean

Anyone who sees a fly-tip in Thanet or witnesses one in action, should report it to [email protected]  and include as much evidence as possible – for example, photographs of offenders and any vehicle registration numbers – so offenders can be promptly traced and prosecuted.