Travellers who set up in Ramsgate have been evicted – but a ‘new’ camp has appeared in Margate

Travellers converged on Dane Park

Travellers who have set up at Jackey Bakers field in Ramsgate have been moved on – but  a ‘new’ encampment has now set up at Dane Park in Margate.

The group moved onto the field just days after another encampment – which moved in last month – left the site.

Thanet council issued a ‘direction to leave’ last Friday but the group remained at the site this week.

Cllr Lin Fairbrass,  Deputy Leader of Thanet District Council and Cabinet Member for Community Services, said:Officers from our Community Safety Team visited the site on Friday (23 June) and after carrying out the appropriate welfare checks issued the travellers with a direction to leave.

“A further site visit yesterday morning (Monday 26 June) showed that the travellers are still at the location. As a result, we will be taking the next steps and applying to the court to request a possession order of the land to then evict those present unlawfully. This is the legal process that the council has to follow with each incursion.”

Residents have complained of violence, intimidation and mess since the field was taken over by the group.

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Police officers have been to the site to carry out the eviction process. But the problem remains as some 15 caravans, shown in the photos and video above, have now moved on to Dane Park in Margate, parking on the newly repaired Thanet Colts football pitches.

One dog walker told The Isle of Thanet News he has been threatened after taking photos of the group arriving. Police are said to be at the scene ‘monitoring’ the situation.

Thanet council said it is aware of the move onto Dane Park and officers are currently serving them notice to leave.

Cllr Fairbrass said: “We are aware of the traveller incursion at Dane Park. Some of the individuals are from the group who were at Jackey Bakers at certain times over the last couple of weeks.

“We have police and community safety officers on site now to serve a notice requiring the travellers to leave forthwith. If they are still at this location tomorrow, we will apply to the courts for eviction.”

It also appears that some of the Travellers at Jackey Bakers have simply moved over to the other side of the field.