This could be the oldest house in Ramsgate

The lovely flint house in Queens Court

Is this the oldest house in Ramsgate?

That is the question being debated on social media about the flint home tucked away, but in plain sight, in Ramsgate town centre.

1-2 Queen’s Court is thought to have been built around 1680. The flint and red brick home is discreetly tucked away behind Sherley’s pet stores in Queen Street, next to the Cavendish Street car park and toilets.

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The pretty two storey property lies behind a fenced off garden and is not often spotted by shoppers hurrying into the town.

The property has a gabled dormer, plinth and plat and was Grade II listed in 1969.

It was restored in 1966 by Mrs Grummant and the Ramsgate Society as a memorial to the Grummant family, Ramsgate builders.

The property  is occupied by two separate householders.

There are approximately 2,500 listed buildings in Thanet; the largest concentration of listed structures in the south east of England.

A listed building can be a building, object or structure that is of historical or architectural interest.  The structures are currently added to the Statutory list by English Heritage with the approval of the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.