Plea to report ‘suspicious activity’ following sixth fire at Dane Valley Woods

Fire damage at Dane Valley Woods

Fire crews were called to Dane Valley Woods yesterday (June 18) for the sixth time in just weeks.

Two engines responded to the call at 3pm after scrubland and vegetation caught light.

Fire crews used hose reel jets and beaters to put out the flames. They left the scene at 3.40pm.

A spokesman said the cause of the fire is not known but there was “no evidence to suggest malicious ignition.”

But volunteer Kashmir Flint has posted to the Dane Valley Woods facebook page following the latest incident to urge people to report anything out of the ordinary at the woods.

She wrote: “Some very pleasant people have been doing a spate of burnings at the woods. Today’s was by far the biggest and was stopped before it reached our mature trees.

“Thank you to the fire service who had to come put out the blaze and I hope the culprits are proud of themselves for wasting the time of our fire men and women, at a time when our country are appreciating them more than ever.

“This has been the sixth incident in a short space of time, please report any suspicious activities to local officers.”