Ramsgate RNLI called out to “stuck fast” trawler

Ramsgate AWB 'Esme Anderson' at sea. Photo Russell Clark.

Ramsgate RNLI was called out at 11.37pm yesterday (June 13) to a trawler that had become stuck fast to a submerged object some 4 miles off Ramsgate.

Once on the scene it became obvious the trawler had picked up a very large rope around its propeller and rudder. One of the lifeboat crew was put aboard the trawler to give assistance and after some time was able to retrieve one end of the rope.

The trawler skipper then put his engine astern and after a short time the rope came free from the propeller.

The rope was still attached to the trawler’s rudder so the end was transferred to the All Waether Lifeboat, where the RNLI crew were able to pull it free using the lifeboat’s capstan.

The skipper of the trawler then checked that all was good with his vessel and was able to carry on without further assistance. The AWB then returned to station.