Thanet General Election 2017 results are in

MP Craig Mackinlay

The result for the South Thanet seat in the General Election is in.

Craig Mackinlay took the South Thanet seat with  25, 262 votes.

Taking to the stage after the announcement Mr Mackinlay alluded to the timing of the CPS charges and went on to thank the voters for their “continued trust.” He said despite the loss of many Tories across the country he hoped a Tory government would be formed to take forward Brexit negotiations.

The South Thanet campaign was more low-key than in 2015 but was still hit by controversy when Mr Mackinlay and two aides were charged by the CPS in relation to election overspend claims just seven days before voters went to the polls.

The North Thanet seat was taken by veteran MP Sir Roger Gale with more than 27163 votes. Sir Roger thanked his wife Suzy and North Thanet voters.

He added: “It has been an extraordinary election. The events that have taken place in the last few weeks, we would hope to never see again. It is a tribute to the British people and spirit of this country that we went on to hold a free and fair election in the teeth of those who would stop us doing so.

“I have a job of work to do and it is not yet finished.”

Sir Roger Gale MP

In neighbouring Dover Tory Charlie Elphicke held the seat but in Canterbury fellow Conservative Julian Brazier lost his seat to Labour’s Rosie Duffield by less than 200 votes. The constituency had been a Tory stronghold for more than 150 years.

Turn out 2017

In South Thanet turn-out was 68.91% with 49,847 ballot papers and in North Thanet the turn-out was 66,63% with 72,651 ballot papers.

Turn out 2015

At the 2015 General Election 30% of people did not use their vote. More people didn’t vote than voted for any one party.

The voice of young people was distinctly mute, 70% of 18-24 year-olds registered to vote but only 44% of them actually voted. This is in comparison to 76% of 65+ year olds.

According to Thanet council data turn out for South Thanet was 69.85%  with  49,573  ballot papers issued and turn out for North Thanet was  66.07% with 47,226 issued.

2017 results South Thanet

Craig Mackinlay, Conservative, 25,262

Raushan Ara, Labour, 18,875

Stuart Piper, UKIP, 2,997

Trevor Roper, Green, 809

Faith Fisher, Christian Peoples Alliance, 115

Jordan Williams, Lib Dem, 1514

Tim Garbutt, Independent, 181

Rejected papers 92

2017 results North Thanet

Sir Roger Gale, Conservative, 27,163

Frances Rehal, Labour, 16,425

Ed Targett, Green, 825

Clive Egan, UKIP, 2,198

Martyn Pennington, Lib Dem,1586

Iris White, Christian Peoples Alliance, 128

2015 results South Thanet

Craig Mackinlay, Conservative, 18,838, winning with a slim majority of 2,182

Nigel Farage, UKIP, 16,026

Will Scobie, Labour, 11, 740

Ian Driver, Green, 1,076

Russ Timpson, Lib Dem, 932

Al Murray, Pub Landlord,  318

Ruth Bailey, Manston Airport Independent, 191

Nigel Askew, Reality Party, 126

Grahame Birchall, Parrty for United Thanet, 63

Dean Macastree, Independent, 61

Prophet Zebediah, Party of Ooog, 30

2015 results North Thanet

Roger Gale, Conservative, 23,045, 49% of the vote and a comfortable majority of 10,948

Piers Wauchope, Ukip, 12,097

Frances Rehal, Labour, 8,411

Edward Targett, Green, 1,719

George Cunningham, Lib Dem, 1,645

Cemanthe Jayne McKenzie, Party for a United Thanet, 136

Result speeches 2015
Prophet Zebediah, real name Robert Boaler, also raised eyebrows with a curse-filled rant.
The result announcement in 2015 was marred by an angry departure from Nigel Farage who swept from the stage during a speech from third placed candidate, Labour’s Will Scobie, and then held a press conference to announce his (first) resignation. He was back in the top role shortly afterwards.

National picture

The UK wakes up to a hung Parliament. Conservatives needed 326 seats for majority control. They won 318; Labour 261; SNP 35; Lib Dems 12; DUP 10; Green Party 1; Sinn Fein 7; Plaid Cymru 4 and ‘other’ 1.