Kent Police will use drones to protect the county

Kent Police

Kent Police is to add the use of drones to the many ways in which it keeps the county safe.

Officers have been trialling the unmanned aerial vehicles since 2015 and have consulted with other forces using drones to identify the benefits offered to day-to-day policing.

As a result, drones will now be used in Kent from Tuesday 6 June 2017.

The aerial units will be used to help officers locate vulnerable missing people before they come to harm.

They will also be used at some crime scenes and at serious road traffic collisions to provide officers with a better understanding of the terrain and evidential opportunities.

Drones will be operated by uniformed police officers who have received appropriate training and use of the force’s drones will be published on the public facing Kent Police website.

Superintendent Mat Newton said, ‘It is clear the use of drones in approved circumstances can improve the ability of officers to find missing people or get a better view of the scene of an incident.

‘They will not replace police helicopters but can be used by officers during the early stages of an incident when a helicopter is not immediately available or their use is impractical.

‘We have also given great consideration to the safety aspects of using drones as well as their operational capabilities and we firmly believe they will help us in delivering a first class service to the people of Kent.’