Veteran Tory Sir Roger Gale has been ‘put up for sale’ on ebay

The ebay listing

A cheeky Green Party voter has put veteran North Thanet’s long-serving MP Sir Roger Gale up for sale on ebay!

The Conservative, who has served North Thanet for 34 years, has been put up for auction as a ‘used’ item with a starting price of 99p, with an additional cost of 76p postage.


The description ‘driving’ the sale reads: “Here for sale is our vintage Conservative MP.

“It’s the 1943 “Sir Roger Gale” model in Tory blue and has had three careful female owners. It has high mileage but comes with a full service history and all the updates from Conservative Central Office.”

The listing lays out some of Sir Roger’s more controversial votes, such as the thumbs up for the bedroom tax as part of his ‘log book.’

Seller Jamblichus9, who has 100% positive feedback, adds:  “This is just a snapshot of this exceptionally well maintained example, which over the years has worked hard in the community while advocating mass privatisation; voting to sell off England’s publicly owned forests; voting to cut corporation tax, etc.

‘1982 model’

“The “Sir Roger” has served us well, but we fear it is just beginning to show signs of wear and tear, so we are selling it as spares or repair. (We’ll chuck the elephant tusk in for free.) We are planning to replace it with a 1982 model, the “Ed Targett” in British Racing Green.


“Like the “Sir Roger”, the “Ed Targett” is a former journalist with a passion for conservation and animal rights. It is a significantly more modern example however and we believe that it will be a hard-working, environmentally friendly MP and a real workhorse for us here in North Thanet; we’ve put it through a full inspection at the Hustings Garage.”

The ‘item’ is listed for collection only, “preferably with a large net” but has the disclaimer: “The winner of this auction will not actually win the real Sir Roger Gale, for which you can blame the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. They will, instead, win a cheaply printed image of Sir Roger Gale holding an elephant tusk. What’s not to love?”

‘A classic’

Sir Roger said of the listing: “I’m astonished to discover there is a Green sense of humour. If there is a buyer it will cost them a lot, I am a classic and very high maintenance!”

The listing has 5 days left to run.

There are currently no bids.