Seventy boats sail into Ramsgate harbour for the North Sea Regatta

Amazing spectacle as craft competing in the North Sea Regatta enter ramsgate Photo @RamsgateWeek

Some 70 craft sailed into Ramsgate harbour today (May 25) from Ostend.

The boats are all competing in the North Sea Regatta, which is part of the Belgium North Sea Championship organised jointly by the Royal North Sea Yacht Club and the Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate.

Crews are spending the evening at the club. Tomorrow there will be racing and then on Saturday morning the crafts will be sailed back as crews compete to be the first to return to Ostend.

The first racing signal tomorrow (Friday) will be given at 1.25pm. A prize-giving ceremony will take place at the yacht club at 6.30pm.

The signal for the Ramsgate to Ostend race on Saturday will be given after 6am.