Police called to ‘suspicious item’ report at Sandwich Tech

Image Kent Police

Kent Police are attending the scene of a reported suspicious package in Sandwich  this afternoon.

Officers  received a report stating a suspicious item had been found in a bag at a premises in Dover Road, believed to be  Sandwich Tech.

Officers attended the scene and, as a pre-caution, an Explosives Ordnance Disposal team were also called in.

A precautionary cordon was also established and the item has subsequently been found to not be a danger to public safety.

The incident is not terror-related.


A statement on the school website by head teacher Tracey Savage states: “Today, on Wednesday 24 May, the police were called to STS to investigate a device that was brought on site by two students.  In the current climate, and for the sake of being 100% sure of the safety of our students, staff and local residents, it was essential that no chances were taken and the device was thoroughly investigated.

“This necessitated the additional expertise of specialists from the army.

“The device was investigated and removed from the school premises without issue and did not prove to be a serious danger to anyone concerned.

“The students who brought the device into school are being dealt with by both the school and the police.  Both students have behaved with thoughtlessness and naivety, but we are satisfied that there was no intention of harm in their actions.

“Tomorrow will be a normal school day with our Year 11 and 13 students continuing to focus on their exams.”