These Newington pupils are never lost for words

Newington pupils have been in debate

Children at Newington community primary school have shown they are never lost for words.

Pupils were challenged to write a speech on the theme: “If animals could talk, how would the world be different?”

It generated a huge range of thoughts, ideas, researched information and creativity, as each year group held heats to pick their classroom winners.

The top 12 entries from Years 3 to 6 presented and performed their thoughts in a competition called The Speaker 2017 to a whole-school assembly.

Four judges gave feedback as each contestant demonstrated public speaking skills using persuasive argument, facts, challenging preconceived ideas, and humour.

The young speakers had to fulfill criteria including use of mature words and concepts, a variety of pace, tone and volume, clear and fluid pronunciation, passion and zest.

Deputy head teacher Hannah Beech said: “All our contestants worked very hard writing and preparing their speeches, and I was particularly pleased to see the team spirit and mutual support shown between them as they made the nerve-wracking walk onto stage alone to perform in front of the whole school.”

The teaching staff judges selected Lillian as winner, with the runners up spot shared between Ella and Oliver.

Each contestant received a commemorative certificate and badge and the winner received a £10 book voucher.