RNLI crews rescue stranded sailor and then distressed man in suicide attempt

Margate RNLI were called out twice yesterday Photo John Horton

Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was called out to rescue a man whose yacht hit difficulties at Stone Bay and then to an attempted suicide in Margate.

Both Margate and Ramsgate’s inshore lifeboats were called out during the afternoon after the small yacht was reported to be in difficulties at the base of the cliffs in Stone Bay. The sole male sailor had gone into the water in an attempt to return his vessel to deeper water.

When the lifeboat crew found him, he was cold and confused. The took him on board the Margate inshore lifeboat and he was put in a casualty bag.

The yacht was towed into deeper water and handed over to Ramsgate inshore lifeboat who also took the lone sailor on board. The vessel was towed into Ramsgate harbour and the occupant handed into the care of the ambulance service.

Distressed man

Just a few hours later Margate’s inshore lifeboat was called out again after Kent Police received a call from a person stating he was going to commit suicide at Margate’s Main Sands. The lifeboat quickly found the person and a member of the crew entered the water to support him as he was distressed and seemed to be sinking.

He had to be coaxed into the lifeboat and was landed back ashore into the privacy of the lifeboat station where he was handed into the care of ambulance staff, police and other health professionals.

This was the second call for the volunteer lifeboat crew to a suicide attempt in waters at Margate in just two days.

On Saturday an operation was launched to rescue a distressed man in the water.