KCC results for Thanet are in – and UKIP have been wiped out

The votes are in for Thanet and UKIP has lost all seven of its county seats for the isle.
Margate and Cliftonville will be represented by Labour’s Barry Lewis  who took the seat with 1,268 votes. Kerry Boyd for Conservatives was second with 1,187.

UKIP’s Gary Hillman polled 632 votes.

Mr Lewis, accompanied by wife Ann, said: “It’s a victory for hope over fear and for Labour Party socialism and Jeremy Corbyn.

“I will be as bolshy as I can to represent Margate in a loud and active way.”

Cliftonville went to Lesley Game for the Conservatives with 2,679 votes followed by Aram Rawf for Labour with 965 votes.

Chris Wells, UKIP, took 648 votes. North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale said it was a vote of no confidence.

Cllr Wells said: “I anticipated the likely swing to Conservatives,  looking at the votes overnight. I am more surprised by the Labour vote.

“It seems across the country as a whole there is a move back to 2 party politics.”

Broadstairs also goes to Conservatives with Rosalind Binks taking 3,155 votes followed by Stuart McCann for Labour with 1,172 votes.

Emma Dawson and Ken Gregory take the Birchington and rural seats for Conservatives with 4,579 and 4,103 votes. Suzanne Brimm for UKIP took 1,418 votes and Labour’s Lynda Robinson took 1,455.

Ms Dawson said it had been a ‘bitter campaign’ but the pair had fought and were ready to serve residents at KCC.

Karen Constantine for Labour and Paul Messenger for Conservatives will represent Ramsgate.

Karen polled 3,200 votes and Paul polled 3,168. Labour’s  Raushan Ara gained 3,145 votes. UKIP’s Trevor Shonk polled 1,846 votes and the party’s Lin Fairbrass gained 1,746.

Mrs Constantine said: “We have got to have a voice for the people of Ramsgate. There is so much running at a low level that it creates discomfort for people and can spoil their lives.

“Priorities include mental health support and our education system that is failing local young people. And we need decent employment. KCC needs to aid economic regeneration, there is no reason why we should be the poor relative in a wealthy South East.”

An emotional Paul Messenger pledged to give “his all” for Ramsgate.

It means a wipe out for UKIP, a gain of one for Labour – now holding two seats – and a gain of five seats, up from none in 2013 – for Conservatives at county level.

Thanet turn out was 31.3%, the highest was in Broadstairs at 37.7% and the lowest in Margate at 24%.

Conservatives retain control of the county council.


2013  Thanet seats – 8 seats

Birchington – 1 UKIP

Broadstairs – 2 UKIP

Margate and Cliftonville – 1 UKIP 1 Labour

Margate West – 1 UKIP

Ramsgate- 2 UKIP

2017- Boundary changes mean a reduction to 7 seats

Birchington – 2 Conservative

Broadstairs – 1 Conservative

Margate – 1 Labour

Cliftonville 1 Conservative

Ramsgate – 1 Labour 1 Conservative