Are you brave enough to join the Ghost Hunter Tour at Margate’s Theatre Royal?

Photo credit: Ian Grundy & Sheradon Dublin

Is the ghost of Sarah Thorne still wandering the Theatre Royal in Margate?

According to tales the former theatre manager, who had been at the helm of the venue until 1894, is said to have first appeared as an apparition in the early 1900s – some say protesting at the use of the theatre for gambling.

But she is not the only spirit to wander the 18th century playhouse. Past stories tell of witnesses seeing the curtain move and then crashing as though a body had fallen. Commentators say it is the spirit of an actor who took his life at the theatre after being dismissed from his touring company.

If you are brave enough to see if the stories are true then you may want to join the Ghost Hunter Tour this September.

The Ghost Hunter team say the theatre is “active” adding: “The night will consist of spirit board, table tipping, glass movement, sensory work and will use equipment such as K2’s ovulus.

“The night will be dedicated to guests new and old and with the help of the experienced staff will make sure you will have the best night possible and that you come away feeling like a ghost hunter. “The venue is well documented as one of the countries most haunted locations – are you brave enough to join us?”

The tour is on September 23 from 9pm until 1.30am.

Tickets are £28 from Eventbrite. Click here to book