A young man is being treated at the scene of a road incident in Broadstairs

Emergency services at the scene

A youngster is being treated by ambulance staff following an incident in Broadstairs.

Emergency services are at the scene at the Ramsgate Road junction at  Vale Road and Granville Road.

A police spokesman said a young man is thought to have come off his motorbike and is currently be treated by ambulance staff.

A witness said the lad had hit a lamppost.

Resident John McCormack saw the accident and said the junction is a danger point. He said: “It is a very dangerous crossing point as it is a blind bend.

“I always warned my children when they were growing up to be careful and one day a student will end up getting killed there as the Kent School for English is nearby and the students do not always look left.”

Residents campaigned for a crossing at the spot several years ago but this was installed further up from the blindspot.

Kent Police have been asked for an update.