Health and beauty with Mrs T: A ‘tan-tastic’ week

Mrs T has had such a trying week!

I’m Jo, (Mrs T), a local girl, born in 1977. Follow me as I approach my 40th birthday. Having lived and worked in London for many years finally the draw of the sea and the more relaxed life won my heart. You can take the girl out of Thanet but the sea will never leave you!

Settled now in Margate for 10 years, and diagnosed with M.E in 2006, I  recently ditched the corporate life and concentrated on building my own business – Mrs T’s Beauty.

Learn tricks of the trade, follow the tribulations and triumphs of being an entrepreneur, discover the people I meet and, as I love a glass of fizz with friends, the places I party, hidden local gems, and local recommendations.



So this week has most definitely been all about the tans. As Spring creeps in our hibernating winter bodies are forced to show themselves and there’s nothing like the feel-good factor of a bronzed skin.

Fake tanning is most certainly the way to go, over sunbeds, every time, Skin cancer is the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer. It is now one of the biggest cancer killers in 15-34 year olds, regular use of sunbeds when under 30 years of age can increase your chance of developing skin cancer by 75%. This is why I  have always championed self-tan.

Fake tan has come such a long way from the St Tropez rub in treatments I trained in in 2000, which were hit and miss to say the least not only because it was “one colour fits all” #varyingtangoshades. Rubbing it in wasn’t exactly a guaranteed application for a streak free tan the client left looking like they had rolled in mud and had to stay like that for 8 hours minimum, not to mention the hour and a half treatment time.

Now you can step into a tent, have a colour bespoke to you, totally natural looking, wash it off and be tanned in two hours. Not only that but these products actually have  skin treatments included, such as Q10, Vit E and avocado oil. I chose to stock Sienna X tans which is award-winning and the choice of Strictly Come Dancing, so if you want a star quality tan, come to me Mrs.T #mrsttan

Next week, here about my competition tanning @Fittcon and the terrible job of tanning these boys  #teamwaughmachine #hardlife


Monday nights is #healthyravenight.  Exercising for me is part of my life and I love weightlifting when I am feeling well. Recently I have discovered this brilliant class, one for the those born in the 70s and who danced in the 90s! It is so much fun and such a warm and friendly group, headed up by Loz Elliot.

It’s boxing mixed with high intensity interval training but here’s the best bit, in the dark with disco lights, whistles and drum and bass music! You won’t fail to be motivated and slightly sore the next day! Classes are Monday and Thursday @thestudio Cliftonville.

Call Loz on 07968020019 to book.


The sunset on Sunday night was wonderful, it is so easy to take for granted our beautiful scenery when we see it every day. I really do think the sunsets over Margate are some of the most beautiful I have seen.

I couldn’t have ended the most perfectly relaxed Sunday in a better way than with a seriously satisfying roast in Olby’s Soul Café. The servings are enormous and the service by the girls in there is impeccable. It’s seriously good value for money and there is such a large variety of meat, some with a little spicy twist , suiting the soul theme and music right through to the last bite.

Olby’s Soul Café

01843 448595


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