A woman in her 80s has been the victim of a distraction burglary in Ramsgate

Kent Police

A woman in her 80s has been the victim of a distraction burglary by a middle-aged female in Ramsgate.

Between 12.30pm and 5pm on 30 March, the victim reported that she answered the front door to a woman who was asking if gardening work was available.
Shortly after, the victim realised her handbag containing cash, bank card and other personal items, was missing from inside the house.
The burglary took place in Northwood Road, Ramsgate.
The woman is described as being white, aged between 40 to 50 years old, with a spotty complexion.
Officers would also like to identify a man who was reported to be in the area at the time, described as white, aged between 30 and 40 years old, of a medium build and with dark hair.

Investigating officer DC Richard Cordery said: “Due to the warm weather, the back door was left open and it is believed the handbag was taken, possibly while the victim was answering the front door.

“We ask anyone who might have seen something suspicious at the time gets in contact as they may have information which could help our investigation.”

Witnesses can contact Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting ZY/12691/17.
Alternatively, contact Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

Safety advice

The following crime prevention advice could help reduce the risk of becoming a victim to this type of offence:
• Lock your back doors and windows before answering your front door – thieves are known to work in pairs, one entering through the back door while the other knocks at the front.
• Use a spyhole and ask who the caller is through the door first, then keep the door on the chain.
• Check their identification, even if they have a pre-arranged appointment.
•  If you’re not expecting the caller and they do not carry an ID card, do not let them in.
• To check a caller is genuine, you can look up the number in the phone book or a recent bill and check it against the card the caller has given you.
•Don’t just ring the number on the card – it may be fake.
•If you have any doubts about whether the caller is genuine, ask them to leave and come back at a time convenient to you and when you’ve had a chance to ask someone to be with you.
• Never leave your front door unattended. If you need to get something, close the door until you return.