Hidden studio in Margate hoping to give isle musicians their big break

Promoter Adam Tinnion

Hidden in a studio in Margate, unknown musicians and artists are being recorded by an up and coming music promoter.

That promoter is 32-year-old Adam Tinnion who lives in Broadstairs with his fiancé  Melody, a dance teacher at Masque Theatre School.

Currently a director of Film Fest International, a company which organises film festivals around Europe, Adam was inspired by creative filmmakers, to make his own YouTube videos.

Starting out, he focused on making videos reviewing technology, moving on to vlogging about his day to day work life, which involved a large amount of travelling, making for interesting content.

Now, with a keen interest in music from all genres, Adam has set up Seaside Sessions-a place that talented artists from the local area can go to record their music, which Adam then promotes in an attempt to further their careers.

Former Dane Court pupil Adam said: “There were a few people involved in my decision to get it started and it all began with the first “session” with ‘The Jordi Fanclub’.
“What amazed me was that these two girls, both 17 years old, were performing two covers and two of their own songs. I wish I had the creative talent that they have at their age.”

Adam provides his service to local bands  free of charge.

He said: “I want acts that are in the sessions to let me create a promotional film for them. I want them to showcase their talent and, in doing so, help me create a community surrounding Seaside Sessions, alongside social media platforms, YouTube and Soundcloud.”

With a fair amount of artists already on his books, and some amazing films of them recorded, Adam is now looking to expand his content so he’s able to post a video a day onto his social media pages, building followers and interest in the artists he supports.

Are you a new artist looking for promotion?!

If so, head over to Adams Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SeasideSesh/ or email him at [email protected]

Find Adam on YouTube here

By Jemma Willson