Broadstairs children get a lesson in staying safe

PCSO Arniszewski, PCSO Dew and the children

Youngsters at Barbies Playschool received safety advice from Kent Police when officers paid them a visit in St Peter’s Road, Broadstairs.

The children, aged between two and four, were given lessons in staying safe, what telephone number to call in an emergency and examples of when to use it. They were advised on how to look out for people they can trust who work for the emergency services and how to remember key information like their names, ages, parents’ names and contact numbers.

Daniel Dew and Shane Arniszewski, who are Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from the Thanet Community Safety Unit, took in uniforms to show the children what they wear and showed them their radios.

PCSO Dew said: “The children were really excited to see us and keen to hear what we had to say. We told them about the service we provide to the public in a way they could understand. Although they are very young we feel it is important they know the basics of staying safe and by speaking to them in person and showing them our police car, we may have also inspired some of them to take up a career at Kent Police when they’re older.”

Kelly Winter, from the school, said: “The children loved it and were listening intently to what the officers were telling them. They particularly enjoyed sitting in the police car and were surprised to learn that some officers ride bicycles too, which inspired them to share details of the bikes they ride at home. We always encourage visitors who can help capture the imaginations of our children here and would definitely look to doing this again in the future.”