Bubble investigations take place at Ellington Infant School

This week schools around the county have been taking part in events to mark British Science Week.

In Ramsgate, Ellington Infant School invited parents and carers of their pupils to year group sessions throughout today (March 17).

All events surrounded the theme “bubbles” and each year group were given different investigations- culminating in their findings being displayed for the grown ups to see.

Within the school hall,  children’s work and investigative findings were exhibited, with live demonstrations from pupils, giving a wonderful insight for parents and carers into their youngster’s abilities.

During the first session, reception pupil Lucian, five, said: “We have been making lots of bubbles, and I loved experimenting! I would love to be a scientist when I’m older and have a book about being a scientist at home.”

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Later in the morning, for the Year 1 event, bubble wands made out of pipe cleaners and K’nex were used and parents were given demonstrations.  Year 1 pupils Isabelle and Harry, both six, said, “No matter which shape wand we used, the bubble was always spherical.  That’s because the liquid tries to gather the least amount of air.”

During Year 2’s investigations, in the afternoon event, grown-ups were shown how to make the perfect bubble mixture.  Year 2 pupils Videh and Kate, both six, said, “We used varying amounts of Glycerin in our experiments to see which mixture resulted in the best bubbles!”

During a quiet moment away from bubbles being blown, sponges being squeezed and demonstrations being shown, Vicky Piper, head of science, Year 2 leader and Year 2 teacher, said: “I have been blown away with the level of participation and sheer enthusiasm the children and staff have shown during this week of investigations.  From the  four-year-olds to the seven year olds, throughout the school, the children have thrown themselves into the investigations and impressed everyone.”

Who knows, maybe we will have some famous scientists produced from this Ramsgate school in the future!

By Jemma Willson of Mayflower Blogs