An appeal for help after yob rips £80 out of 82-year-old man’s hand in Ramsgate

The incident took place outside Brunswick Court

A furious granddaughter is appealing for witnesses to contact police after her grandad had £80 ripped out of his hand.

Kelly Friend posted to facebook after the thief took the money from the 82-year-old, in Brunswick Court, Ramsgate.

She said: “My grandad had £80 stolen from his hand by some nasty person. He is a pensioner and I can’t believe someone could be so cruel.

“It has been reported to the police. If anyone knows who this could be please help me.

“I’m sick of disgusting behaviour from scum that have to pick on the elderly. He’s over 80.

“ There are other pensioners and families in the building, I don’t want it happening to them.”

Mum-of-two Kelly, who lives across the road from her nan and grandad, said the first she knew of the incident was when she made her nightly call to the couple to check they were ok.

She said: “My nan was beyond belief about it and I was so angry when she told me. Everyone is struggling but you can’t do something like this.

“My grandad was just at the entrance of Brunswick and was about to put the money in his pocket when the guy came past and just swiped it.”

Kelly said the former railway guard, who has asked not to be named, has been left shaken by the theft.

She said: “He has been really cautious today about answering the door.”


The former soldier has described the culprit as just over 5ft tall, between 20-30 years old and says he was wearing a black hoodie and black bottoms.

Police have been informed and told the family officers will check CCTV footage.

Kelly is hoping anyone with information will come forward and help.

She said: “If they could contact the police I would be grateful. The person needs to be found, what if it had been worse, what if they had used a weapon?”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police is investigating the reported theft of £85 cash from a man in a communal area of Brunswick Court, Ramsgate, at about 2.15pm on Tuesday 7 March 2017.

“It was reported that a man snatched the money from the 82-year-old victim as he was about to put it in his pocket before fleeing the scene.

“The victim was not injured and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

Kent Police can be contacted on 101.