OPINION: Jemma Willson and Mayflower Blogs

Jemma has lived in Ramsgate all her life.  For her own website, Mayflower Blogs, she writes  about a variety of subjects and also reviews events and companies in the local and surrounding areas. Here she introduces herself to The Isle of Thanet News readers:

Having lived in Ramsgate for the whole of my 30 years, I’m always interested in the local area, news,events and reviews.  Being a writer for the last couple of years, I started one of my first blogs about Ramsgate, my home town.

I bought my website domain last October and, since then, I’ve been given amazing opportunities to review many companies, products, and more recently,  new shows at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.

Initially, reviews were not something I had imagined doing.  I had originally started the blog as a kind of diary- ramblings of my mind if you will-but recently compliments from readers, and even a journalist I’ve been interviewed by, have led me to extend the content and subjects I write about.

I have two children, a seven year old boy and a three year old girl, who attend school and nursery in the area, so I have a keen interest in the town they are growing up in.  I live with them and my husband of seven years, in the St Lawrence area of Ramsgate.

In my very rare spare time, I enjoy reading, watching movies and time with family and friends.

I look forward to working alongside The Isle of Thanet News and other contributors.  News in general- real, honest, informative news – is something I think every town in every country needs.

With social media being integral to many people’s lives in this day and age, gossip and ‘word of mouth’ news stories are banded about far too often-leading to confusion and annoyance.

This new hyperlocal site for Thanet will hopefully lead to real news, for our local people, something I feel privileged and excited to be part of.

Want to get in touch with Jemma? Email [email protected]