Photos: Last orders at Ramsgate’s Belgian Cafe

The Belgian Cafe Photo Chris Constantine

Customers headed to the Belgian Café on Sunday for one last drink before the venue shut its doors.

A party, organised by Thanet belly dancing groups, was also held on Friday.

The Harbour Parade pub, known for its choice of Belgian beers and food including the ‘famed’ pizzas, had been open since 2000.

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The bar, which was operated by Belgium Boho Ltd since the company took over from former boss Andy Barrett, is closed from today (February 12) although it has not been confirmed whether the closure is permanent.

A company spokesman said no firm decision had yet been made.


  1. It’s a shame that a Belgian Bar is closing down in Thanet. Having been to an amazing Belgian Bistro in Maidstone I have a taste for great Belgian food such as that served at Cafe Bruges Bistro in Maidstone.

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