Thanet litter cops can now issue fixed penalty fines for two more offences

Thanet council

Concerns raised by residents and businesses have resulted in Thanet District Council introducing new fixed penalty fines to crack down on people spitting and urinating in the street.

The £80 fines are part of the local authority’s crackdown on anti-social behaviour, including littering and dog fouling.

A Thanet council spokesman said: “We have introduced a new fine of £80 fixed penalty notice for people caught spitting and urinating in the street in Thanet.

“The introduction is in direct response to concerns raised by residents and businesses and will run in conjunction with the ongoing enforcement action which is currently taking place across the district for littering and dog fouling.”

Kingdom Security

The penalties are issued by enforcement officers from Kingdom Security Limited, which won a new three-year contract with Thanet council last September.

In the first year of working on the isle during the pilot scheme Kingdom officers issued more than 3,300 fixed penalty notices, of £80, to those caught dropping litter or not cleaning up after their dog.

Kingdom works for eight Kent councils but were caught in controversy last month when a Panorama investigation revealed staff were bagging bonuses for dishing out tickets on questionable grounds.

Thanet council said a new team was put in place and work will be ‘monitored.’


The council spends £1.2 million a year cleaning the district’s streets.

In March Thanet council launched a crackdown on flytippers blighting the isle.

In the past 12 months in Thanet there have been nearly 1,700 fly-tipping incidents, costing the council a total of £109,550 to clean up more than 1,500 tonnes of  waste.

The authority launched its #CrimeNotToCare campaign, in partnership with environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.



  1. Perhaps TDC might like to remind the refuse and green waste departments that even their employee’s are included in this fine. How many residents have had to clear up after the refuse and garden waste trucks have been.

    • Couldnt agree more! The Refuse crews are as much responsible as anyoneif not worse! Bone idle and lazy………..Yes…I do know what Im taking about, having “Run” Exeter City Refuse, Street Cleansing and Recycling Staff and there were strict rules regarding Refuse Crews being responsible for clearing up their own mess .about time TDC did it too………..the poor Street cleansing Div of TDC are constantly having to clear up after their own staff and I have witnessed it many mnay times…………… the job properly or give it to someone who desperatley wants to work and make a difference to Thanet.

  2. Who is responsible. At the front of my property I have gates that are closed because I have a non vicious dog that is allowed free access to my grounds. When the refuse and green waste is collected the gates are always left open by the collectors after they have emptied the bins. If my dog was to get out and foul on the footpath/road or roam the streets would I or the person who left the gate open be responsible. ?

  3. Biggest bunch of crooks there are,if the council had any morals it would not associate with them!! They keep the lion share of the fines bring it in house be firm but fair with offenders and we will see a difference with Kingdom our Towns will not get any cleaner,Kingdom doesn’t want them clean because if they were they would be redundant.

  4. Thanet District Council would be better off employing more street cleaners, rather than a gang of uniformed busybodies going around on a power trip, handing out fines to people who cannot afford to pay them. Officious little nobodies causing trouble, instead of cleaning up the mess. Not a good idea.

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