Ramsgate rock four-piece want your support as they vie to win Battle of the Bands at Dreamland

The Angelo Tristan Band wants your support

A four-piece Ramsgate band is looking for plenty of isle support when it competes in Dreamland’s Battle of the Bands this weekend.

The Angelo Tristan Band will be kicking off the show on the scenic stage at 3pm on Sunday (August 6) with a jam packed set of some serious rock.

The band is made up of  Angelo Tristan, Jack Bentley-Smith, Louis Cairns and Chris Wong who are known for their fantastic original rock tracks but also their diversity and ability to bring a more acoustic/ country vibe to their music.
Over the last three years the band have been building a reputation all over the globe. Touring the UK twice with a third planned and having the opportunity to tour the USA in 2014 has meant ever-growing success and a fan base offering continuing support.

The musicians were lucky enough to be signed to a Roulette Media Records in late 2016 and as a result are in the process of releasing an album.

They are hoping for plenty of community spirit and local support as the judging panel take into account crowd reaction!

They rocked Ramsgate’s socks off at the end of July when they joined the carnival on the back of a lorry. If you saw them there, or even if you didn’t, come down, make some noise for them and get them through to the final.

Bands will battle it out every Sunday afternoon from this weekend until September 3 to be in with a chance of being crowned the winners, securing the grand prize of session time in a recording studio.

The battles run from 3pm to 5pm.

Free entry