Plenty of laughs but no bushtucker trial for comedian Joel Dommett in Margate show

Joel Dommett appears the the Theatre Royal tomorrow (July 22)

In a re-arranged event, comedian and former I’m A Celebrity star, 32-year-old Joel Dommett, heads to Margate’s Theatre Royal this weekend for an evening of fun and laughter.

Dommett, who was scheduled to appear at the venue back in May, is a Gloucester-born, stand-up comedian who has garnered plaudits from The Mail on Sunday, Metro, The Scotsman and more.

Now, having become a television regular since bursting onto the scene a decade ago, his impending UK tour, which runs from September 2 until December 13, will be served by this weekend’s Margate entrée, extending the tour three times in as many months.

It was however his time in the jungle, where he finished runner-up to County Durham’s Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt in the last series, that saw the comedian catch the eye.


Talking of his experience down under Joel said: “It was a real gamble.

“I thought a lot about the pros and cons. But I’m quite an optimistic person and if anyone could do it, maybe I could.

“I don’t really get angry or frustrated with other people very easily. The entire time I was in there I was so scared that the comedy community was going to shun me because I’d gone into a massively commercial reality show.

“Since I’ve got out it’s been so nice, they’ve been so lovely, as well as this new demographic of people. To have both of those teams on my side is the dream, really.”

His upcoming tour is testament to Dommett’s commitment not only to comedy, but to himself.

Coming to Margate appeals more than those Bushtucker Trials.

He said: “I spent about four months eating ridiculous things and sleeping in uncomfortable places – I’m actually really good at that now. I guess it’s a good skill to have. You never know when you might need it.

“It’s especially a good skill to have now I’m on tour and I have to sleep in Holidays Inns. I think, “You know what? I’ve slept in worse…”

As for the touring, and bringing his undoubted wit and charm to the masses, Dommett is ready for what it brings, and for what he can give in return.

He added: “‘I’m really enjoying it.

“Everyone keeps on saying to me, “You must absolutely hate it, you must be really bored of the show…” No, I think it just gets better and better, and I’m enjoying it more.


“I’ve taken my best friend Steve as my tour manager, we’ve known each other since we were 11, so we’re like two little kids – we’re both very giddy.

“I’m travelling around the UK with my best friend performing to people who actually want to see me. It’s a dream come true.

“My shows, weirdly, have always been quite big, but whereas before they were kind of ironically big in small venues, now they just fit the bigger rooms.

“There’s a real story arch to the show, a huge crescendo, and a really big epic ending – it’s a really fun, big, stupid show, and that’s what I think is important for the position I’m in; people saw me on a reality show being kind of funny, but I feel I’m in a real position where I have to deliver more.

“I’m fully aware that this reality TV thing might be a small bubble and that bubble might burst, so I’ve got to do my absolute best to deliver a show which is beyond people’s expectations so they come back to see me again.”

When, where, how much

Joel Dommett will be appearing at the Theatre Royal in Margate this Saturday, July 22 at 7.30pm.

Full Price £15
Concessions £10
Restricted View £10

A limited number of extra tickets have been released, available here, or by calling 01843 292795.