New Year’s Eve last bus times for Thanet


If you are getting around the isle by bus today, these are the times for the last ones running tonight.

The Loop – last buses will be:

  • Margate to Ramsgate via Newington Road at 21:15.
  • Margate to Westwood at 21:45.
  • Margate to Ramsgate via Broadstairs at 21:05.
  • Ramsgate to Margate via Newington Road at 21:05.
  • Ramsgate to Margate via Broadstairs at 21:13.
    • Ramsgate to Westwood at 21:35.

Breeze (routes 8/8X) – last buses will be:

• Margate to Canterbury at 19:53.
• Canterbury to Margate at 20:40.
• Margate to Birchington Square at 20:53.
• Birchington to Margate at 21:09.

Have a great New Year and get home safe.

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  1. Compare with London, where transport runs all night, free of charge.
    Is it too much to expect that major Thanet hospitality businesses couldn’t band together and run some late night/early morning buses on at the very least the Loop?

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