Human faeces have been smeared all over Birchington recreation ground’s changing rooms

Cllr Brimm discovered the mess this morning

Human faeces have been smeared all over the Birchington  recreation ground’s changing rooms building.

Ward councillor Suzanne Brimm discovered the disgusting mess when she visited to check up on the play area and bins this morning (October 29).

She has reported the incident to Thanet council to request an urgent clean up.

She said: “How they bashed the bricks in, I don’t know, but human faeces have been smeared all over the inside. Someone got in and turned the fuse board on and then just smeared this mess everywhere.

“It is disgusting. There is also a rusty old rusty white goods appliance that has been dumped next to the changing rooms and an overflowing dog bin.

I have reported it to Thanet council and asked for an urgent clean up.”

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