Happy Feet dance extravaganza comes to Dreamland

The show is a toe-tapping, hip shaking danceathon

From the Charleston to the Cha-Cha-Cha a dance sensation celebrating a century of dance crazes in 100 minutes is coming to Dreamland.

Happy Feet is a celebration of genres made famous through film, theatre, pop music and the dance hall.

Brought to you by professional dance troupe, The Ragroof Players, the dance and music extravaganza aims to include harder to reach audiences with its high-octane, collaborative show.

Dreamland’s retro look provides an ideal backdrop to show the world’s favourite dances.  –  through the roaring ’20s up to modern foot stomper, Uptown Funk.

The company have previously performed in the park’s roller disco, to a crowd of 400 people –  uniting the  across different genders, ethnicities, sexualities, ages and dance backgrounds.

Matthew Blacklock, director, said: “When we work with people, if they have a sense of involvement in the show, they feel invested in this and take ownership of its success. It gives the opportunity for the audience that attend to support the wider community.”

Funding for the show has come from The Big Lottery ‘People’s Project’s Awards’. Through social media campaigns and ITV news appearances, The Ragroof Players won over the  general public, making them one of the  few companies to receive funding.

The performance is free and takes place between 3pm to 4.40pm on Wednesday, August 23.