Fire crews called out to partially collapsed balcony in Ramsgate

Crews at the scene Photo @razdaz66

Fire crews were called out to a partially collapsed balcony in Ramsgate this morning (June 18).

Emergency services were called at 9.39am to the collapse in Augusta Road.

On arrival crews were faced with an iron balcony measuring 10ft by 2ft that had partially come away from the first floor of the property and was overhanging the walkway below.

Using a height vehicle as a crane, crews were able to remove the section of balcony and lower it to a safe location. The building was made safe and duty of care was handed over to the owner of the building.

The cause of the balcony collapse isn’t known and there were no reported injuries.

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  1. this will keep happening. scaffolding outside my friends 3rd floor flat in adrian sq in westgate for months to remedy balconies crumbling on the floors below. literally being held together with a few splinters and screws so corroded they’re nearly split and used by multiple people daily.

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