Earth Lines exhibition to open at Pie Factory Gallery in Margate

Earth Lines

An exhibition by three friends who live on the east Kent coast opens at Pie Factory Gallery Margate on Friday (October 13).

Earthlines will show the work of Marilyn Williams and David White, ceramicists from Deal, and Steve Lobb, a painter from Ramsgate.

David’s work of fired clay explores in colours, shapes and decoration the beauty of our natural world in contrast to the human enterprises that are destroying it; inspired in particular by the astonishing agility of the swift, its shapes and speed, as it survives our industrial environment.

He has also been creating adventurous ceramics in collaboration with musicians as they play works by Oliver Messiaen and other modern composers.

Marilyn’s ceramics are inspired by birds, the seashore and rock fissures. She is particularly interested in edges, for example where the shingle meets the sea or the edge of cracks in rocks. Most of her work is thrown on a wheel and fired in a gas kiln using the chemical interaction of two glazes or slips to explore the idea of an edge or boundary. And also to question whether there is a fixed boundary between one and another, or whether it is more fluid than it appears.

She said: “The surface decoration of some of my ceramic pieces are inspired by a line from the poet, Rumi, ” Not the sad edge of surf but the sound of no shore.”’

Steve added: “My work is of the busy earth, in fairgrounds, forests and battlefields, lily ponds and the sea.”

He paints pictures and constructions in strong acrylic colours, each representing a unique world of ideas. Some explore change and loss where greed rules and threatens the environment, others delight in the thrill of the fairground and the sheer excitement of people and the landscape.

Steve is also the poet Emile Sercombe who performs his surreal works with the Thanet Poets at the Olby’s in Margate and the Vinylhead in Ramsgate.


The exhibition opens at the Pie Factory Margate from October 13-25, 10am to 5pm daily.

Private View is October 13 from 6pm to 9pm.