An anti-war film is to get a special screening in Broadstairs

Anti-war film We Are Many

Anti-war campaigners in Kent will be asked to get ready to march again at a special film screening in Broadstairs tomorrow (April 19).

The award-winning anti-war film “We Are Many” tells the story of the biggest global protest in history when in February 2003 over 15 million people around the world marched against the war in Iraq.

Norman Thomas, who organised the screening, said it comes at a “terrifyingly appropriate” time because of the heightened international tensions over North Korea.

He said: “As in 2003 we have a US president who is keen to show off his power, but with North Korea the target rather than Iraq. But now things are more dangerous. Iraq didn’t have nuclear weapons. North Korea does. So we have the possibility of death and destruction on an unimaginable scale.”

Mr Thomas was  involved in campaigning against the war in Iraq locally and nationally and believes it may be time to march again.

He said:“If the noises of war get louder, we must get out there and show our leaders what the people feel. Thousands of innocent people died in Iraq and many more have died since because of that war. We can’t let all that happen again.”

The film “We Are Many” doesn’t just concentrate on the huge march in London. It shows how people in over 800 cities took to the streets on the same day in 2003 to oppose the war.

From Tony Benn and Noam Chomsky to Richard Branson and Brian Eno, a host of well-known politicians and celebrities recall their part in the protests. The film also picks up on smaller, odder protests including the man who climbed up the Sydney Opera House to paint “No War” on it and even a group of scientists who staged a demo in the South Pole.

Although the anti-war protests failed to stop the conflict, Mr Thomas said the film has important lessons for the present day. “It shows what people can do when they feel strongly about something, how a large part of the world can be mobilised in a great cause.”

The screening, which is being held in association with Thanet Stop The War, is free, but ring 07989 070843 to reserve a seat.

“We Are Many” will be shown  at 7pm, at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs.