Royal Harbour Academy students take field trip to explore Botany Bay

RHA students took a field trip to Botany Bay

Enthusiastic Year 7 students have embarked on an educational field trip to Botany Bay, where they engaged in hands-on learning focused on biodiversity, environmental science, and creative expression.

One of the primary activities included the exploration of the diverse rock pools at Botany Bay. Students identified and recorded sea life at five different points between the sand and the sea, discovering a range of marine species such as jellyfish, crabs, shrimps, fish, whelks, sea snails, and oysters. The immersive experience allowed students to observe firsthand the changing biodiversity of the rock pools, fostering a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems.

Students also examined the erosion of the cliffs. Through field sketches, they documented the current state of the cliffs, creating primary data that will be compared to photographs from previous years. This exercise provided a valuable opportunity for students to observe and analyse the geological changes over time, enhancing their understanding of natural processes and the impact of erosion.

Some groups took the opportunity to investigate the negative impacts of tourism on the beach environment. This critical analysis helped students develop awareness of the environmental challenges faced by popular tourist destinations and the importance of sustainable tourism practices.

Several students decided to pick up plastic litter from the rock pools, showing they had taken onboard what they have been taught in the classroom about plastic pollution and the importance of looking after our beaches.

To balance their scientific endeavours, students participated in creative and recreational activities. Several classes completed beautiful beach art using materials collected from the beach, showcasing their artistic talents and creativity.

Students also enjoyed building sandcastles in a fun and competitive ‘race against the tide,’ which encouraged teamwork and strategic thinking.

Trip leader and subject leader for geography, Mrs Thornton, said: “It was extremely rewarding to see so many students enjoying and gaining an appreciation of their local coastal environment whilst gaining a deeper understanding of a variety of geographical topics.”

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