Caravan goes up in flames in Margate

The caravan blaze by Dane Park Image Jamie Bullock

The cause of a caravan fire in Margate last night (July 8) is not yet known.

The caravan, which had previously been converted for use by a food business but then sold on, went up in flames at Dane Park at around 6.30pm.

It is understood that the vehicle had been left at the roadside for several months and had been “trashed” but in the last few days had been repainted.

Photo Frank Leppard

A Kent Fire and Rescue  Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports of a caravan alight in Dane Park, Margate.

“Crews wearing breathing apparatus extinguished the flames using a hose reel jet. There were no reported injuries and the cause is not yet known.”

Crews finished at the scene at 6.46pm.

Police were not required to attend.


  1. Abandoned there probably 6mmonths ago, vandalised, , used as a skip, then painted by someone, hardly a surprise it went up in flames, you’d think TDC/KCC would be able to realise it’d eventually be an issue and get it removed sooner, surely would have been much cheaper than what it has now cost in terms of fire service, police, removal and any repairs needed. Same as the open backed trucks that have been abandoned in the same road over the years, sitting there for an eternity before anything happened. The camper van at the bottom of Wilderness hill was another example . Though fortunately that wasn’t burnt.

  2. That caravan had been left in a derelict state there for over a year, not just a few months. TDC had refused to remove it even after the local Cllr, Kent Fire & Rescue, the Police had all made their concerns. It was inevitable it would end up this way eventually.

    • Expect TDC don’t care as it shifted the cost to others. Effectively being liable for the costs incuured by other services perhaps TDC should be invoiced for their failure to act.

    • Hello Margate Resident. I do not believe you. If a vehicle is dangerous or causing an obstruction it falls under the responsibility or police of highways. A simple peruse of Google would have clarified things.

      • Ben C Don’t believe me but it’s a fact as I had contacted each of them more than once starting around a year ago. Last one was the Cllr Jack Packman who also contacted Kent Police again in January this year.
        This was a failure by the local authority, KFR and Kent Police to act many, many months ago.

  3. I always thought it was illegal to leave a caravan parked on a road unless it is connected to a vehicle?
    If thats the case why wasn’t something done about it sooner?

  4. Was parked further along the road last year by Romanians who had purchased it here while on holiday. A neighbour across the street complained to them it was blocking his view of the park, with very limited English, they told him where to go, shortly afterwards several helpful folk wound up the legs and pulled it to it’s current location by had as it has a lock on the tow nose. A few days later a local resident smashed out the windows at 3.30am while high as a kite and set about smashing it up, he pulled a blade on a neighbour who told him to leave, then attacked several more vehicles on his way down the street. His attack on the caravan and his producing the weapon while approaching the person at speed and offering to end them, was all filmed, police arrived 45 minutes later and were given the footage but failed to charge the guy. The owners turned up and were aided by a neighbour in reporting the damage to police etc. Several weeks later Police went door to door looking for, guess who? the Caravan owners, on an international warrant to arrest. A short time later local kids used it to smoke weed and lark about in, then a junkie couple boarded up the windows with rubbish, added a padlock on the door and used it to crash in during the day, to get strength to go robbing at night. All reported to Police and Council who did nothing at all. Last week two lads who said they were trying to become paid ‘artists’ sprayed the van and made it look a little less like what it was, a junkies crash pad, finally someone had enough or one of the local little rats decided it should go, in the middle of a quiet afternoon. The fire service were prompt and did a great job. Now we just wait another 6? 12? 18? months for the council to remove this eyesore.

    • Just goes to show what really goes on and how many things have a blind eye turned, all that crime/ antisocial behaviour and near misses centred on one caravan. Thanks

    • The KoL story is a nonsense piece, previous owner looking for a bit of publicity, not a lot of sympathy in the comments.
      As for the full and correct story i’ve no idea. But for a considerable time it’d been an eyesore by Dane Park, vandalisedand used as a skip, going up in flames is no surprise.

  5. Not shocked-it has been there for ages & with fabrics inside the smashed out windows. Ditto for other vehicles there-cars left for months with wheels missing & the like. Never seems to be any action from the traffic/parking unit at TDC.

  6. It looks to be the same outcome at Joss Bay last year drug fueld lads were living in two caravans.After many complaints on deaf eard council did nothing,The caravan was set alight in the day time,wouldn’t surprise us if more turn up again this year. Reform party will sort this out,its our only hope.

  7. TDC don’t care ,for 18 months + there has been a trailer parked right on the footpath in Coronation Crescent Garlinge outside number27, anyone using the footpath has to walk in the road to get passed, contacted TDC a few times about this had no reply and it’s still parked there, never seen it move ,if you go on Google maps you can see it ,

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