Year 2 pupils from Northdown Primary journey to Canterbury Cathedral

A visit to canterbury Cathedral for Northdown youngsters

Year 2 pupils from Northdown Primary School have embarked on an educational adventure to historic Canterbury Cathedral. The trip provided the young pilgrims with a rich tapestry of history, art, and exploration.

The students delved into the cathedral’s intricate past through a hands-on approach. They engaged in an art session where they created stunning pieces inspired by the cathedral’s famous stained glass windows. Additionally, they practised writing their names using illuminated letters, echoing the mediaeval scribes’ techniques.

A significant part of the trip was dedicated to understanding the construction and purpose of the building. The children investigated the architectural marvels and the historical significance of the cathedral, gaining insight into its role throughout the centuries.

The tour included a visit to the serene herb gardens and a thorough exploration of the cathedral’s many cavernous rooms. Each child experienced the grandeur of the surroundings firsthand, making history tangible and exciting.

Sam Fish, Deputy Head of Northdown Primary School, said: “The children really enjoyed delving into the history of the cathedral and having the opportunity to explore its past through arts and crafts. They were in awe of the size and majesty of the surroundings, and it definitely brought history to life for them.”

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