Sundowners application for music on Terrace Deck prompts public comment

An application has been made to have amplified music on the Terrace Deck from April-October

An application to remove a restriction on amplified music at the Terrace Deck above the Marine Drive shelter has prompted a number of comments objecting and others in support.

The application, which wants permission for music at the site from 11am to 9.30pm daily from 1 April to 31st October, has been made by Proud Pink Inns which runs the Sundowners club at Albert Terrace.

The application asks to: “Allow amplified music to mostly be played at low volume background music plus occasional cabaret entertainment for seated customers. Improving the terrace facilities in the area for both local people and tourists.”

Some 16 objections and 13 (updated) letters of support have been lodged with Thanet council against the proposal.

One says: “The music vibrates my entire flat, prevents me from enjoying any peace (or any of my own music) at the weekend and prevents me from working there during the week in the summer months.

“Even going for a walk on the beach doesn’t allow me to escape. The repetitive, psychosis-inducing sound of Sweet Caroline reverberating extends across the entire main sands on a frequent basis.

“And, as much as I love the song Believe by Cher, I don’t want to hear it twice a day at full volume for six months of the year.”

(Update) Ward councillor Rob Yates has added his support for the application saying it would be a ‘travesty’ to deny the request when Dreamland “can freely blast their music across our town.”

He said: “One of the best places in Margate is the terrace on Marine Drive, which has been used for years as a community hub in Margate, marking the end of Margate Pride, Margate Carnival and other parades. The space is pivotal in our tourist attraction, offering entertainment to those on the terrace and the passers by, showing off the best sunsets in the world, and setting the tone for the tourist town.

“As Councillor for Margate Central the only complaint I have ever received about Sundowners from a nearby resident has been the quality of the participants taking part in the karaoke.

“Meanwhile, nearby we have one of the most generous licencing conditions in the country for Dreamland which blasts music right across out town. It would be a travesty to not allow Sundowners to operate music from this terrace, as they have done for years, whilst Dreamland next door can freely blast their music across our town. A negative decision would impact Margate Pride, Margate Carnival, queer weddings, karaoke events and would quite frankly damage the soul of our tourist town.”

He adds that the new management at Sundowners are: “doing everything they can to minimize noise disruption,” and a rejection could see: “Sundowners as a venue not survive and we will have another empty building and empty terrace.”

Those who have made objections have pointed to a previous application, made under different club ownership in 2007, which approved the use of the terrace for tables and chairs between 11am and 10.30pm but stipulated ‘no amplified music.’

Thanet council’s conservation officer said: “I have no objections and believe there to be a less than substantial implication to the setting and appearance of the surrounding conservation area.”

The terrace is owned by Thanet council.

Proud Pink Inns took over management of Sundowners last October. The venue is one of the hosts for Margate Pride and is a dedicated LGBT bar, restaurant and club with music, performance and fundraising events.

A decision is yet to be made on the application. Views must be submitted via the planning portal, reference F/TH/24/0538, by tomorrow (July 8).


  1. The answer has to be NO , enough is enough, there’s more then enough live music to keep Margate going WE DON’T NEED MORE .

    • 1 lgbt venue in Margate and it’s been there for over 35 years! We need our safe space. The hate that would happen to us if we all had to start going to other bars because sundowners was restricted. We need our safe space!

      • Er, yeah ok. You don’t have to go anywhere else and I am sure if you did you would be perfectly safe, stop being so over the top.

      • You certainly have an outdated view of life. My son is gay, he is made welcome by all and sundry in many local pubs. He doesn’t visit gay venues either.

  2. I wait to be corrected, but when did Sundowners take over the Sundeck as part of their property. I was always thought it was council owned, and as such anyone could sit on and use it.

  3. Oddly the new owners have been respectful and accept responsibility, clean and maintain the area as do the team of staff, very strange no comment on dreamlands noise levels which I can hear clearly in my home on Albert Terrace, last night we could hear JLS over he tv, last week drum and base, a few weeks ago we had a whole weekend of motorcycles racing on the beach with a PA system echoed around the town, the new owners have been nothing but respectful and supportive of the local area, they have even taken to using gazebos with walls to keep the smokers in the boundary and I have seen one of the owners sweeping up every night outside and picking up after the many that walk through from the high street and Marine Drive, so no objection from our house

    • I’ve been there twice 2nd time I caught covid the place inside is disgusting and dirty you stick to the floors and toilets well just no I messaged the owner then told him he needed to thoroughly disinfect the place because I was about 20 that caught covid he ignored never been since not sure what it’s like now but it’s definitely a no from me

    • There were plenty of comments about the noise levels from Dreamland when they requested to extend their hours. Particularly from Arlington House. But they were ignored by TDC favouring the business case (and clever Barrister) that Dreamland put forward. Unbearable sound level some weekends.

    • Ms Wilson – it seems that your noise complaints will fall on deaf ears at TDC – just as mine did.

      As TDC has granted the precedent of a licence for outdoor music at Dreamland it is unlikely that an application for similar at Sundowners will be refused.

      Anybody within a mile radius of the two venues will be subjected to a cacophony of competing noise . . .

  4. Drunken hen do’s scratching into a microphone 7 days a week from 11am untill 10pm how is this even being considered

  5. So if I’ve read this correctly and looking briefly at the application sundowners have been breaking the planning regulations by using the sun deck terrace with music and live performances since 2007 ? Surely TDC should be taking action against them for breaching the original planning permission that was granted to them ?

    • When the new owners came in they were unaware of the previous owner not being licenced to put entertainment on the terrace. The New owners straight away applied to the council and have done everything correctly. This in down to one ‘Not in my back yard’ resident who moved in two years ago and clearly didn’t look around and notice there was a bar on the doorstep! It’s like moving next to an airport and then moaning about the planes! 😡

      • I think there’s a big difference between moving next to a bar in general and moving next to a bar who didn’t have a licence for loud music and who now wants one.

  6. Why do people need amplified music to enhance their drink? It would be wonderful to have one quiet venue where you can go, enjoy the view and have a conversation without having to shout.

    For the nearby residents, I hope this is application is not approved. Ten and a half hours a day for seven months a year would make me sell my home – were I even able to find someone to buy it!

  7. Enough noise pollution. We have a right NOT to listen to other peoples music, whether it be from a business or done by someone playing music too loud in their car.

  8. Awful outdated place,such a shame the council allow this area to be used in the manor it has been. The previous owner was a very dubious character and is currently awaiting trial for historic sex offences against children surprises me thst they still have any sort of licence at all

  9. I’m sure the LGB{insert random characters here} community have spoken out against any alleged sex offenses as they are actually really good human beings who do not tolerate taking advantage of the vulnerable.

  10. Yeah – That would be excellent if managed correctly and is another step forward for Margate
    The new owner has has a great track record in managing venues like this – just hope TDC also sees it as the good thing it could be and not listen too all the poopers negatives like the ones on here and the 16 TDC objectors that I would imagine disagree with the type of venue it is anyway and suffer from some kind of homophobia.

    • How is the noise and disturbance for all those residents in the area, a move forward for Margate? It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the clientele. If you are so keen, then perhaps you should do a house swap with someone who lives there and then see what it’s like having unwanted music for ten and a half hours a day for seven months.
      Central Scrutinizer – you are the selfish one.

    • I’m not sure if not wanting to hear music all day for many months can be considered a form of homophobia, if anything I think dragging that in can belittle the genuine acts of homophobia that happen every day. This is about music licensing in a public place in an important area of town. Please don’t bring anything else into it as you don’t know others beliefs, sexuality or situation. Perhaps you might not want music blaring all day or something similar directly outside your home, regardless of the clientele of the establishment. Please consider others the way you would want to be considered.

  11. It’s got nothing to do with the clientele who frequent the venue and everything to do with noise nuisance. Why is the customer based even being discussed ? It’s irrelevant.

  12. Why is the councils “conservation officer” commenting on what is surely a matter better covered by its environmental health officers.
    The previous permission for use and non amplified music seems a very generous extension to the businesses premises from the people of Margate, do they pay for the use of the area in question? Or is it effectively a free extension for business use?

  13. As much as I love Margate and want to see it prosper, I’m not sure if this is the way forward. Allowing a privately owned company free rein to use and benefit from a publicly owned area. Will any members of the public still be able to use this area free of charge? Or will it be run as an extension to the bar? I know of a number of instances in the past when access has been denied to locals when an event has been on even though it’s not a private area. Also the thought of allowing loud music to be played for that long period of time is a real worry. Can the owners not be happy with being able to use a large chunk of council owned land with premium views free of charge? Does the surrounding area also have to put up with music they may not want to listen to for the duration of the more pleasant months?

  14. Sadly as with so many things like this online people get personal – if you actually read all the objections it is not asking that the venue close down or hating of anyone but to be sympathetic to people who live in and around the venue – I am sure that if any of us were subject to loud music of any type (even our favourite) for long periods of time LITERALLY outside our front door day after day then it would get to us too, – the wish I can see is that there should be respect from the venue with there not being amplified music every day – and that people are asking that music be taken to a level and time frame that is sympathetic and respectful to those wanting to live a normal life along that part of the seafront – Surely is that not what we all want –
    I believe the venue does not even have an existing application approval for amplified music yet they so still play it –
    I did notice that the planning application notice was not public nor visible until just the latter part of last week where it was attached to a lamp post near the venue? why was it not put up before – it appears only a day or two before the application process ends. that’s not legal TDC – a planning application MIUST be visible for at least 21 days!!! so TDC or whoever is responsible for putting up the sign- you are in breach – and that needs addressing .
    This and any outside public/space should should feel safe and inviting for all – if something starts to affect your metal health and makes you feel unsafe and unhappy then surely being human is to try to find a solution that works for all – I don’t think that unless we live along that site we have any right to not assume that it can be really intrusive – and try to be understanding because all I am seeing is that the people who are ‘for’ the application going ahead are the ones here being most aggressive.. which is really sad… and says a lot!

  15. I fully support Sundowners in their music request, my wife and I have had many enjoyable times there and always feel welcome and safe in the well run venue. The antis will never be happy with with anything the Sundowners do that’s the type of people they are. Moan moan moan.

  16. Bigotry by narrow minded individuals as follows. SORTITOUTTHANETCOUNCIL.
    Wild CAT

    • Where was there any bigotry in my reply? I merely asked why

      The conservation officer was involved and not environmental health
      And was the business paying for an area into which it could extend its offering and so gain greater revenues.

      I’d be grateful if you’d point out where your accusation of bigotry arises? And in the absence of being able/willing to do so apologise and or ask for your accusatory post to be removed. If you’re unwilling to do either I’d ask the moderator to remove your post.

      Your insinuations are just a rather typical negative tactic used to try and silence others voices and avoid answering questions.

    • Ken – you are accusing of bigotry where there is NONE on my part and probably not on the part of others you are accusing. I object purely on the grounds on noise disturbance for residents in the area.
      I concur with Grey Area’s comments.

  17. I support Ken’s right to voice his opinions. Besides, the more he speaks, the easier he is to discredit. Please, do say more!

    • So do I, but they then need to justify their statements and if they can’t be an adult accept responsibility for their utterances and correct/ apologise for them.

  18. They are not asking permission to play music to entertain their guests, they want to blast music across the beachfront all day to anyone that may be in the area. I’d say ‘no’ to that! I’ve heard it, it’s very loud. Much louder than Dreamland. And it’s got nothing to do with LGBTZ, this is a general public issue, or in other words, ‘everyone’

  19. What a great idea! Loud music on Margate beach and seafront whether you want to listen to it or not. Maybe the Belle Vue could also apply for license for amplified music outside the pub so that Cliftonville residents get their share of noise pollution too.

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