Consultation opens on bus stop, crossing and yellow line changes on Ramsgate Road in Margate

The changes are part of proposals to improve Thanet Loop journeys

A public consultation has opened on plans by Kent County Council (KCC)  to introduce highway changes to the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (QEQM) Hospital junction on the A254 Ramsgate Road in Margate.

KCC say the scheme aims to help improve bus journey times and reliability for the Thanet Loop Bus Service.

The Thanet Loop service was identified as a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) priority project following an analysis of passenger numbers, congestion hotspots and operator feedback. It was prioritised for National Bus Strategy (NBS) funding. The changes aim to generate time savings.

More than three million passenger journeys were made on the Thanet Loop last year with 10,000 passengers on average using the service each weekday. From June 2, the service increased from every 10 minutes to every eight minutes.

The latest scheme, which follows the installation of double yellow lines along Margate Road in Ramsgate, would mean the following changes:

  • moving the ‘Lesters’ northbound bus stop 12 metres further north on Ramsgate Road (closer to Nash Court Road) to make it easier for buses to pull in and out of the bus stop
  • installing a new bus and taxi lane on Ramsgate Road on the southbound approach to the junction (near Lesters Pub and Restaurant)
  • removing the uncontrolled crossing outside Lesters Pub for the new bus and taxi lane
  • creating a replacement signal-controlled pedestrian crossing on the northern arm of the QEQM Hospital junction
  • creating a new footpath link to help improve access for pedestrians
  • creating a new left turn filter phase at the QEQM Hospital signalised junction
  • extending the right turning lane on the northbound approach to the traffic signals.

Plans for the scheme show extended double yellow lines outside Lesters.

The scheme is part of the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP).

A traffic regulation order would result in extending or amending existing waiting restrictions, with double yellow lines, on Ramsgate Road. And introducing a new bus and taxi lane starting outside Lesters Pub.

KCC says the orders are being made to make the road safer to use.

Following the consultation, a report will be compiled summarising the responses.

The feedback will be used to help finalise the scheme design and reported to the Cabinet Member of Highways and Transport for them to decide if the scheme should proceed or not. The report will also be provided to members of the Thanet Joint Transportation Board (JTB).

The consultation is open now and closes at noon on July 29.

Find out more about the plans and have your say at:


  1. removing the uncontrolled crossing outside Lesters Pub for the new bus and taxi lane

    That should push up pedestrian injuries & fatalities nicely.

  2. The biggest problem to running on time for the Loop bus service is the constant road works that seem to have infested Thanet of late.
    These ‘improvements’ will only suffice to increase congestion for every other road users.

  3. Good to see the area has so many experts in everything that is put forward.

    Next time to just save money they should speak to Fred & Doris who have no experience but are experts!

  4. No matter what they do in this area will make no difference to buses or cars as the biggest problem is sheer volume of traffic, would be better to create a road across from B Q lights to St peters Rd and on to Dane Valley this would ease the conjestion around the hospital and Victoria lights. Buses get held up everywhere with the bad designing of Margate and constant Road closures and Road repairs

      • They’d achieve much more by having a concerted effort to get the illegal cars and drivers off the roads. Start by having the traffic wardens equipped with able type devices and checking every car they walk past. Then a couple of police traffic cars again another equipped along with the roadside checks ( that when done locally seem to flag up a considerable number of issues each time)
        The constant theme of making things harder for everyone rather than dealing with the problematic individuals needs to be reversed.
        Basically get rid of the numpties and see how things are, before doing the big stuff. Though of course allowing the numpties to carry on unchecked provides the excuses to make changes that affect everyone.

  5. Why not from Dane Valley through to St Peter’s instead of going upto Northdown and please return the bus route direct from Minnis Bay to , QEQM and Westwood and back

    • Bus route operation is the concern of the County Council: that’s why they’re consulting on it. Responding to the consultation is the way forward. If you need a representative, your County Councillor is the person to contact.

    • Its nothing to do with the East Thanet MP Peter, this is the responsibility of the Kent County Council! Its the KCC who were given £1,000,000 by the last Tory government to improve(sic) the Loop bus route so the buses can run faster!


    • And you can pretty much guarantee that all the other developments that have been proposed in and around thanet will get the green light after the announcements this morning regarding changes to planning law and likely mandatory housing targets set by the new government.
      No indication of that from the candidates in their campaigns.

    • It isn’t the Council took no notice of Westwood Cross. The Council had said for years not enough space to put in dual carriageways to help traffic. Lots of people have said they should of thought of that before building the shopping centre.

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