Broadstairs rapist sentenced to 19 year custodial sentence

JAILED: James Golding

A Broadstairs man has been given a 19-year custodial sentence after he was found guilty of raping two women.

On 30 March 2022, Kent Police received a report that James Golding had assaulted and raped a woman at his home earlier in the month.

Despite the woman’s attempts to leave, Golding had dragged her back and locked the door to stop her leaving. During the evening, he subjected his victim to violence, sexual assaults and pressured her into having drinks laced with ecstasy tablets.

The 43-year-old, of Queens Road, was charged on 4 April 2022 in connection with the incident.

On his arrest, officers seized his phones, a hard drive and a laptop and reviewed what had been saved on those devices. The investigation team found footage of Golding raping another woman and a new investigation was launched to identify the victim and gather evidence.  It resulted in Golding being charged for the offence.

He was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court to a total of 19 years in custody on Monday 24 June after he was found guilty of two counts of rape, two counts of assault, one assault by penetration and a count of false imprisonment following a trial. He was cleared of one count of assault. It was ordered that he must also spend an additional four years on licence upon his release.

Kent Police Detective Constable Robert Potter said: “In cases such as this, our priority is to ensure the victims are heard and supported. Through the detailed work undertaken to investigate Golding in relation to one incident, further evidence of offending was uncovered by officers.

“We brought that evidence before the courts to ensure the extent of his dangerous behaviour against women was known and taken into consideration for sentencing.”


  1. i think prison is too good for this animal , and seeing that he is there he should stay for his natural life , and be never released.

    • Hopefully it will get the justice that only prison can provide for vermin like it & see how it likes it.

  2. A shame that this animal will only do half of the sentence given.
    Well done to the women who provided the necessary evidence to put this scum behind bars. I hope they can deal successfully with the trauma they must have suffered.

    • That’s a very appropriate question. It’s about time the finest scientists on the planet discovered if these types
      became evil because they’re ugly, or ugly because they’re evil.

  3. Here’s a thought, why not send all UK rapists to serve their time in Rwanda? The Rwanda government could be paid for their upkeep, according to what it costs Rwanda to keep a prisoner, probably about a fiver a week. And why stop there, send our murderers, and child molesters there too! It would improve prison overcrowding, and as most UK prisons are rat infested, it could be an improvement in a Rwanda jail!

  4. Totally agree with Dumpton, and the money saved by the U.K. goverment can help law abiding families. But we all know the human rights brigade will oppose, why, I dont know, dont the innocent and abused have human rights also ??

    • Paul I may stand corrected, but the difference between sending convicted UK criminals to serve their time in a Rwandan jail, is they are convicted criminals. The proposal to send innocent asylum seekers to Rwanda, is just that they are innocent, and would not necessarily be allowed to apply for Right to Stay in the UK.

      • No Dumpton, they have illegally broken into our Country, destroyed their identification papers and lied about who they are, they are criminals already.

        • I have family who work at Manston. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, “concerned”. 9/10 who arrive have intact identity papers. ITs why so many claims get greenlit. Don’t believe the hype you read on X/twitter and in the right wing press and end up being a useful idiot for malign actors who want you to forget your empathy for their political capital.

        • Legitimate asylum seekers will have identification, to prove they are fleeing war, persecution, torture, etc from tyrannical police states of which there are many, Iran, Korea, and Russia to name a few!

        • Concerned your wrong, it is NOT illegal for anyone to get into a boat and launch it into the Channel, thousands do it in the UK all the time, and in France! Anyone arriving in the UK this way claiming Asylum, is investigated, and if they have a genuine case like escaping torture, death,or any other sound reason to escape their home country, then they will eventually gain Refugee status.

          If they are from a country that is deemed safe, then they should be returned there, the problem is their home country may not want them back! Turkey for instance will not currently accept anyone back if they successfully arrive here, by whatever means. People from Afghanistan though are accepted as asylum seekers, and from many other war torn, tyrannical police states like say Iran. Expect an influx from Gaza once the Israeli’s have finished murdering many thousands of them!

  5. One thing I would say is that scum like this thing should server every single day of its sentence. Any kicking off during that time give it another year or two.

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