Full STEAM ahead for St Nicholas at Wade pupils

Youngsters in the lab

Purifying dirty water, panning for gold, baking cakes, and screen printing are just some of the fun learning activities enjoyed by children from St Nicholas-at-Wade CE Primary on a recent fact-finding away-day.

The Year 5 team took part in a series of workshop sessions highlighting STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) hosted by Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School in Ramsgate.

After a fascinating session on safety procedures in the science lab, pupils had the opportunity to purify muddy, silted water, witnessing first-hand the process of obtaining clean water, salt, and mud. They even tried their luck at panning for gold and proudly took home some of their treasures.

The next activity highlighted the BIDMAS section in Maths – brackets, indices, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction – and children tackled challenging problems using loop cards.

It was impressive to see them applying their mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities with such enthusiasm.

During the food technology session, they learned the importance of maintaining hygiene by making rock cakes. They grasped the significance of keeping hands, equipment, and workstations clean while enjoying the hands-on experience of creating tasty treats.

Screen printing in the Art segment of the day saw the St Nicholas team showcase their creativity through screen printing on canvas tote bags and crafting key-rings from molten metal.

These activities not only allowed them to express themselves artistically but also provided a deeper understanding of STEAM concepts in action.

St Nicholas Science and Computing lead Natasha Draper organised the STEAM day. She said: “Our children were buzzing with enthusiasm as they embarked on a busy programme filled with engaging and educational activities.

“It was fantastic to see them embracing hands-on learning opportunities and expanding their horizons beyond the classroom.”

Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy said the event underpinned STEAM learning which is a crucial part of the St Nicholas curriculum.

She said: “It also gave pupils chance to experience life inside a large secondary school which is important as Year 5 will be moving into the next phase of their education in just over a year.

“The children returned from the event exhausted but filled with excitement, reflecting on what an amazing day it was. We are proud of their exemplary behaviour and active participation throughout the event.”

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