Arrest made and goods seized during dispersal order enforcement in Ramsgate

Ramsgate town Photo Brian Whitehead

A dispersal order to deter anti-social behaviour in Ramsgate has led to the arrest of a man wanted on recall to prison.

Between Friday 1 June and Tuesday 18 June, criminal damage, drugs misuse and street drinking were reported in the town centre and in Ellington Park. Police also received reports of abusive comments being made to members of the public.

It was also alleged that groups of young people had attempted to steal items from a premises in King Street and had behaved aggressively to shop staff.

In response to the concerns raised by residents and businesses in the town, a dispersal order – covering town centre streets and the harbour area – was put in place, granting officers extra powers to disperse groups of people and arrest those who failed to comply.

On Wednesday 19 June, officers arrested a man who was wanted on recall to prison. Alcohol was also confiscated from street drinkers under a Public Space Protection Order issued by Thanet District Council.

Following reports of suspicious behaviour, plain clothes officers stopped and searched two men and seized counterfeit perfume and other products that had been on sale to purchase.

A group of teenagers riding bicycles dangerously and causing a nuisance were also reported at an amusement arcade. The group was dispersed and an e scooter with no insurance was seized.

Inspector Jim Woodward from Thanet’s Community Safety Unit said: “We take all reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously, being well aware of how it impacts our residents and local businesses.

“In addition to our regular patrols in Ramsgate, we recently enforced a dispersal order, the results of which included counterfeit products being removed from sale; an uninsured scooter being seized; valuable intelligence being gathered and an arrest being made.

“It’s very important that all crime and anti-social behaviour are reported to us through the appropriate channels, and I would encourage anyone experiencing issues to do so. This helps us to assess where persistent problems may be occurring so that we can deliver a robust response.”


  1. I would imagine most,if not virtually all,e scooters have no insurance.No insurance=illegal.Should be seized,scrapped and person charged,for driving a motorized vehicle,without insurance

    • When you go to other countries like Netherlands they have embraced e-scooters to work alongside bikes and as alternative to cars. In this country they immediately set about demonising them because they saw they were a threat to the car industry. If they set out proper rules for their road use and encouraged their use but only in the right way with proper legislation then they wouldn’t be just a tool for yobs and could be a useful tool for many

      • Trete I have had a number of near misses by e-scooters, both as a pedestrian, and when out on my Mobility Scooter (which is insured!) A couple of weeks ago on my Mobility Scooter, I was very nearly killed by a young man on an e-scooter who was on the pavement, riding at full speed I guess! He came round a blind corner, and and missed me by a fag paper, brushing my arm! This idiot could not see round the blind corner, and had he hit me he would almost certainly have caused serious injury, or possibly my death!

        I have long petitioned for e-scooters to be licensed like mopeds, so they have a number plate, and insurance, but governments, and the police will not take action this way, why not? Similarly with bikes, its rare to see a cyclist on the road nowadays, and I hazarded a guess they did this because of potholes, and other road hazards. I mentioned this to the Kent Chief Constable, and received a facetious reply from an underling saying its a matter for KCC Highways, and I should report it to them! I emailed back and said are you seriously suggesting I should carry out a survey on my mobility scooter of all of Thanet roads, to locate any potholes? I never received a reply! Riding a bike, or e-scooter on the pavement is anti-social, and the police should be treating it as such!

        • They are no different to bikes. We don’t talk about getting rid of bikes out of society though. They shouldn’t be rode through town centres and they are too fast to be used on pavements. Exactly as bikes are. But again news outlets demonised them to the point where only yobs who have no interest in rules want to use them. They have become antisocial. Government have no interest in make proper legislation to introduce them into society in a proper manner. They could be a good thing, but this nation has never had a plan to provide a good alternative to driving because politicians are in pockets of the car industry as well as a number of others

  2. Ellington Park is a wonderful example of community collective action to build, despite some bureaucratic jobsworth objections, the kind of environment most of us would surely want for our town. That some people want to abuse and even destroy what others have built is terribly sad. (Perhaps another argument for investing more in mental health services?)

    • The last thing the vast majority of the anti social ne’er do wells that seek only a life of avoiding work and want to be some sort of plastic bad boy gangster, need is to be assessed as having mental health issues and so having their choices effectively validated and given an excuse for their behaviour. That’ll just perpetuate the problem and encourage others to follow suit.

      • Unfortunately both Margate and Ramsgate towns have been allowed to become almost no go zones full of people you just don’t want to be around. Sad really. Might help if normal people could park for free for an hour or so

      • or logically, no fixed, they might finally get treatment for their disorders and actually become solid members of society. But sure, demonise them further and keep the problem you’re fighting against…

  3. It’s about time the Police cracked down on the drinking, drug taking, abusive behaviour, and fighting by the same group hanging around the benches on Harbour Street and York Street in Ramsgate. And it’s irrelevant that the e-scooter had no insurance. They’re illegal to ride except on private land. But of course there is absolutely no one to enforce this law and adults and children alike fly around the streets dodging pedestrians.

    • But it’s convenient for the powers to be to let there use flourish unhindered, as car ownership will be the preserve of the well heeled in the fully electric world. At which point scooters and bikes will be about the only option , in terms of personal transport for majority of the population. As such there’ll be no real efforts to curtail their use in the absence ofa significant number of serious injuries / deaths.

      • “as car ownership will be the preserve of the well heeled in the fully electric world.”

        Stop imagining scenarios you’ve invented and hurting your own feelings.

    • Not for my lifestyle and the things i want to do its not, and i expect vast numbers of others would feel the same way. Public transport is never going to deal with the life of today. The days of people living within walking distance of their work is for many long gone, zero hour contracts and shift work mean that public transport would never cope and be cost effective.
      Policy drawn up by those working from home in london is just not going to work. Neither is a fully electric transport future, well at least in the next hundred years it won’t.

      • I don’t care how many others feel the same way as “Fate “etc. This is my opinion and I expect there are plenty of people who also think that private cars should be phased out as much as possible and public transport improved.

        • Then lets have a referendum on the various opinions, when you’ve comprehensively lost, can we then explore other options?
          Society in the UK has moved on from small closed communities, people often work 20 plus miles from home, people’s social lives are much more widespread, families are similarly often spread over much greater areas than in the past. People expect to be able to do what they want when they want.
          It would be much better to have a concerted effort to remove the large numbers of illegal vehicles and drivers from the roads and the reassess the situation. Those driving illegally are disproportionately responsible for too many of the negative incidents on our roads.

          • I wouldn’t care if I “lost” such a referendum. Cars are damaging the atmosphere, the natural environment , the cohesion of local communities. Not everyone needs them, not by a long chalk. If others disagree with me, too bad. There’s no “war on motorists”- the “war” is against pedestrians.

          • So in true socialist fashion, democracy is just a bit of an inconvenience when it comes to railroading through policy. There’s a big difference between the things people need and what they’d like. You’d do society and the planet far more good by dealing with the overconsumption thats lead to widespread obesity and ill health


    • OK MARK, YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOUT THOUGH. You’re so brave and tough. Here’s a pat on the back and some attention you were seeking.

    • Yup, but given the local, currently sitting MP isn’t going to be sitting for re-election, then I’m unsure of your point. Given he stands to gain ZERO political capital from it?

  5. Copied from above, police said.“It’s very important that all crime and anti-social behaviour are reported to us through the appropriate channels, and I would encourage anyone experiencing issues to do so. This helps us to assess where persistent problems may be occurring so that we can deliver a robust response.”
    Ahh bless, over the years so much information has been made available and sweet freddy adams has been done. Just saying.
    Plenty of authority cctv, why not watch some. Thats assuming cctv is actually operational.

    Just another day in paradise…

  6. Thanet Community Safety Unit. Back in 2015 there used to be 14 different agencies involved, by 2019 they were down to 3.
    Prior to Covid there were Neighbourhood Community Meetings held every 3 months across Thanet, they were very well attended by residents. Several neighbourhood police and at least one or more TDC Officers & others were also in attendance.

    There was a very strong A.B.C. (A Better Cliftonville) based in The Cliftonville Community Centre which was started with Government Funding. It was closed down by a then Chairman & former Labour Councillor who has since been now re-elected. They regretted the closure in an Local Election brochure, there was no explanation.

    • Yep, its an area in which it is all too easy to find unwarranted trouble if you’re not careful ( this generally applies to the hours of darkness) usually linked to drugs/ alcohol in some way.

  7. This type of disgusting behaviour is on the increase all over Thanet because the police are nowhere to be seen and the culprits feel they can get away with it.
    Just pop along to the garden outside St Paul’s church Cliftonville any time of the day or night, most days and you will see drug addicts on spice, drinking alcohol and abusing the public. It is in a Public Space Protection Order area but hardly anything gets done about them other than occasionally the police turn up and tell them to move away, of course as soon as they go the culprits are back again continuing where they left off. It has been going on there for years but got even worse this year when the council allowed the RISE hotel in Edgar Road to open homing the alkies and spice addicts. The garden has become a no go area now, not even the Church can use it without being threatened, spat at, abused verbally. The urinate, defecate and throw up in full view of the public.
    What is the point in the council making a PSPO area zone if they are not prepared to use the authority to enforce on the behaviour? They leave it down to the overstretched police who cannot be everywhere at the same time.
    Now someone at TDC says they are making the whole of Thanet a PSPO area as the last term of 3 years has been a success. What a load of BS!

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