Man airlifted to hospital after collapsing in Dane Valley Road

Paramedics attended the scene

Ambulance crews and the Kent Surrey Sussex air ambulance were called to Margate yesterday (June 19) after a man collapsed in the street.

South East Coast Ambulance service attended Dane Valley Road at around 1pm. A man was treated at the scene and then airlifted to William Harvey Hospital. It is understood he suffered a cardiac arrest.

A SECAmb spokesperson said: “SECAmb were called at approximately 1pm yesterday to reports that a person had collapsed on Dane Valley Road in Margate.

“Crews arrived and assessed and treated one person, before they were joined on scene by the Air Ambulance Charity Kent, Surrey, Sussex who airlifted the patient to William Harvey Hospital for further medical treatment.”

An Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS) spokesperson added:A helicopter from Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS) was dispatched to Margate on 19 June. We are unable to provide further comment at this time.”


  1. This gentleman suffered a cardiac arrest in the street.
    Instead of being taken the 3 minute journey to Margate’s QEQM hospital for life saving treatment, he was instead taken on the hour long journey to Ashford’s William Harvey hospital.
    What sort of lunacy is this arrangement? What happened to every second counts as well as being bounced around in the back of an ambulance for that hour?
    Simply wrong to my way of thinking!

  2. “Airlifted “ quicker than as road , Dr, paramedic etc immediately treating patient – to a cardiac centre that is notified and waiting arrival – able to provide further cardiac treatment.
    It’s lunacy that air ambulance’s and palliative care services are mainly funded through charity

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