Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils to display work at National Gallery’s Take One Picture

RAPS children and their Delft-inspired blue tiles

Creative youngsters at Ramsgate Arts Primary are once again sharing their art with the world famous National Gallery in London.

In recent years pupils’ work has been exhibited as part of the acclaimed gallery’s annual Take One Picture initiative, leading to RAPS being exhibited inside the gallery, on its virtual exhibition platform online, and on giant digital billboards in cities around the UK.

The school has just heard that its submission for the 2024 exhibition this summer – based around Henri Rousseau’s artwork Surprised! – is to be put on show.

And the school’s art team and children are already finalising their potential entries for the 2025 exhibition that is centred around The Courtyard of a House in Delft by Pieter de Hooch from 1658.

An array of exhibits illustrating and enhancing parts of the painting and expanding upon its themes and stylistic qualities is already pride of place in the school reception.

Featuring contributions from every class, it includes a brick arch built by children with help of a local builder, framing beautifully inscribed blue Delft-style tiles bearing local images.

Art teacher Kelly-Ann Smith said: “The arch is the centrepiece of our exhibition, a gateway into our exploration. For our children to learn how to lay bricks really pushed the boundaries between art and creativity inspiring them to believe anything is possible.

“There is so much to discover in this painting – the scenario is relatively simple and still, but the potential to delve deep into what could be going on and the inter-personal relationships and the physical setting is fascinating and this was the catalyst for our pupils’ work.

“We have taken these themes and expanded on them as part of our submissions and I am delighted at the different styles, textures, materials and thought-processes that our children embraced.”

These included photography of the Ramsgate harbour arches leading to the creation of an impressive multi-coloured collage arch; nature-filled watercolour landscapes; a celebration of architecture inspired by local landmarks such as Jacob’s Ladder and seaside tower blocks; an intertwined vine; and wood-burning skills reflecting hopes and dreams etched onto a wooden shutter similar to that in the painting.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “The Take One Picture challenge continues to be a fantastic adventure for our children and our arts team that inspires a range of cross-curricular work.

“To be chosen from entries around the country for the National Gallery exhibition yet again is a fabulous vindication of the variety of arts we explore at RAPS.

“Working with the National Gallery initiative each year is so special – and we are also continuing our creative educational relationship with our local arts community including Kent’s flagship gallery Turner Contemporary at Margate.”

*The annual nationwide Take One Picture project invites children to create artworks around a striking image and then plan, create, submit and exhibit their works.

To find out more, go online to www.nationalgallery.org.uk/learning/take-one-picture

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