Palestine Action claims ‘£1million of damage’ said to be caused by activists during Instro Precision ‘break-in’

Palestine Action protestors break into Instro Precision at Sandwich (Image Palestine Action)

Seven Palestine Action protestors arrested over suspected aggravated burglary on June 17 after Instro Precision at Sandwich was broken into have been bailed pending further enquiries.

An eighth person was also arrested in the West Midlands yesterday (June 19) in relation to the incident and he remains in custody.

The activists, who released video of items being smashed up inside the building,  say they cut through three security fences, breaching the high-security premises at Discovery Park. Some laid ‘stinger’ spike strips at the roads leading to the factory to prevent any vehicular entry, while a smaller contingent broke into the factory itself.

Once inside,  they say they “began dismantling technology, machinery and parts used to produce weapons of war, in order to prevent the export of arms to Gaza.”


Palestine Action claims the action has “left the ‘Instro Precision’ site immobilised, unable to produce weapons parts for export to Israel.”

The group adds: “During their 36 hour detention, before their release under strict bail conditions, police interrogators put it to the 7 arrested that over £1,000,000 of damage was caused in their few hours inside the factory.

“Destroying cables on the outside of the factory, and wrecking machinery, computer technology, and parts being produced for Instro’s product line, the action sought to – and has successfully – put the site out of action.”


A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Seven people arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary following a report of a protest at Discovery Park, Sandwich on Monday 17 June have been bailed pending further enquiries.

“An eighth suspect, a 24-year-old man from Birmingham, was arrested in the West Midlands on Tuesday 19 June in relation to the incident. He remains in custody and an investigation is ongoing.”

The Instro site, on Artillery Way in the Discovery Park estate,  is owned by Elbit Systems, which provides a range of weaponry, including military drone fleet and land-based equipment. It also manufactures XACT nv33 Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) for the British Army as part of a contract awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence to the company in 2021.

Instro provides systems to different sectors of the UK military and also to other Aerospace and Defence companies in the UK.

In 2019 the firm moved to Discovery Park from Broadstairs, where it had been the target of numerous protests. There have also been several protests at its site in Discovery Park which have escalated since October due to armed conflict between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian groups  taking place chiefly in and around the Gaza Strip since 7 October 2023.

An Instro Precision spokesperson said: “We condemn this illegal and violent action and will work with the authorities to prosecute any person or group threatening the safety of our staff or their important work.

“This facility is designed to meet the requirements of the UK armed forces and in particular support the British Army with a range of state-of-the-art electro optics and night vision systems. It is highly irresponsible to sabotage this work, particularly during a period of global instability.”


  1. They should be jailed for a minimum of 7 years before parole and made to pay the damages, if they cannot pay they either have their property seized and or have extended jail time for at least another 8 years before parole. Did they not think of the financial damage caused could lead to unemployment of the innocent employed there from cleaners to engineers. Morons, it’s domestic terrorism.

    • Probably more concerned with the genocide going on in Palestine-thanks in part to this company, than worrying about whether the 8 billion dollar plus parent company will lay off staff, while claiming poverty.

    • Totally agree. These people are traitors who are costing British taxpayers millions of pounds. Democracy means accepting the decisions of the majority. We have elections to decide who governs and what our national and international policies will be. Home grown terrorism is just that and needs to be prevented by whatever means are required.

  2. totaly agree with steve , find out why they are there , are they on unemployment benefits ? strip thier benefits and then chuck them in prison for a long time

    • Pretty sure they wouldn’t get benefits in prison, you would just pay for their upkeep in there.

      • I am sure these halfwits will suffer their own violations in prison, see how they like getting smashed.

  3. How did they calculate that?
    Probably as reliable as their grasp of Asian history.
    I do hope they get jailed in a prison with no Muslim inmates.

    • Apparently this is what the police claimed while they were interviewing them, not what they are saying.

  4. Protest all you want, but no excuse for vandalism and destruction of property be it a business or personal. How about I come round and trash your home as I don’t agree with your business or employ?

  5. Sadly, nobody is safe from these extremists and the tactics they use. We’re all unwittingly vulnerable.
    Seven years in prison isn’t a long enough sentence, in my opinion.

  6. They are not ‘activists’ they are common criminals bordering on terrorists! The threat they pose to this country and ordinary people is real and growing by the day.

  7. We live in a land where you use your vote to help push idea’s etc, its not up to any one to do this if you don`t agreed with something you can`t just take things in your hands, we live by laws and rules don`t like them go to a place where you can do this, but no place for this in UK

  8. Terrible people. Don,t they realise they could join the Israeli forces and destroy entire cities and 37,000 lives and call it legal “self defence”? And be called heroes and given medals? No need to improvise either. The weapons are very modern and supplied by the USA and UK(including from Sandwich).

    • Forgive if I’m wrong but didn’t Hamas kill over 1000 innocent civilians and kidnap hundreds more, which included raping to death a numberbof young women whose naked, broken bodies were paraded around in the backs of pick up trucks in Gaza whilst being cheered on by thousands of Gaza citizens?
      If October 6th hadn’t happened then we wouldn’t be discussing this now would we!

      • If 1948 hadn’t happened Hamas wouldn’t exist, nor Fatah, the PLO or any other group.

        Besides which, how exactly do you justify a brief massacre that killed a thousand or so people in Israel, with an eight months & counting genocide-which has seen close to 40 thousand murdered & 86 thousand injured in Palestine? Because the Tories, Nasty Nigel & the pandering media tell you that Israel is out ally & Palestine is evil & deserve it?

        • Suspended GB News Anchor – dear me, what a warped understanding of Middle East politics you have. Still, you carry on in your limited world. Get out more, travel to Middle East etc as I have for work and you might understand better. No change of Government in UK will make a jot of difference.

          • No thanks-way too hot & too dangerous. I never said it would-every western government has backed &/or armed Israel since it stole the land & created an Apartheid state in the late 1940’s-which couldn’t have happened without Truman & this wouldn’t be happening now if every president since wasn’t a gutless wonder only interested in money.

        • Noone wants to see people killed in wars but that is what religious disagreement causes. It is the way history has developed. Read Michener’s “The Source” if you want to learn more.

      • The left wing anti Jew brigade on here don’t want to hear facts, Hamas killed 1200 people and raped and tortured innocent civilians and took hostages. Hamas is the one hiding hostages in refugee camps and hospitals. There are two sides fighting and killing civilians in this war and if Hamas hadn’t started their warmongering with the slaughter of innocent people this war wouldn’t be happening right now.

        Hamas is hiding among civilians and firing rockets into Israel from Refugee camps, no wonder Innocent people and babies are dying. Hamas has turned Refugee camps and hospitals into a war zone and should be punished accordingly. The guilty people are Hamas and their supporters.

      • Yeah Steve, the financial damage to the company is much worse than the use of weapons to and equipment in a war in which 14000 Palestinian children have already been killed.

      • It was October 7th, good to see you’ve got a firm grip of the facts. And since when did the murder of one group make it legitimate or legal to murder another? Those 100 deaths have been avenged 100s of times over.

  9. say they cut through three security fences, breaching the high-security premises at Discovery Park.

    Ha-obviously not high security at all-not even a patrol team protecting the place, no guard dogs etc. But I suppose you wouldn’t expect a company that has been targeted multiple times for decades, that is worth over 8 billion to invest in basic security-cuts into those greedy CEO & shareholder profits.

  10. Instro needs to audit their security & alarms. I hope these creatures get a long time for their deliberate vandalism.

  11. Sadly, this company supplies vital equipment to the British Army and its allies, not Israel !

    • Are you for real? It is a subsidiary of Elbit-an Israeli arms company. Elbit will supply any despot around the world who wants to control/slaughter their citizens.

      Their weapons have been used by Israel on Palestinian civilians long before October 7th 2023 even happened. There is even a video of the Elbit CEO Bezhalel Machlis thanking his staff on behalf of multiple high ups in the Israeli military for supplying the weapons being used to massacre citizens in Palestine back in December.

      Those services involve Elbit providing its new ‘Iron Sting’ missiles, which leave chemical burns on killed and injured Palestinians unlike anything that doctors have seen before.

      Those missiles were first used on Palestinians during Israel’s assault on Gaza in May 2021, which Elbit said was a “pre-operational test”.

      Israeli pilots have also admitted using Elbit’s Hermes 450 drone to monitor and drop missiles during the ongoing operation in Gaza. The drone is often described as “the backbone of the Israeli air force”.

      • I ask myself are you for real? or do you post under other names on threads with different stupid pseudonyms! There is no reasoning with types like you! This act in Sandwich and elsewhere in the UK is pure criminality.

        • No, just this stupid pseudonym.

          I would say there is no reasoning with ‘types like you’ who get upset over a company supplying weapons being used in a genocide being broken into & pausing that temporarily-due purely to their abysmal security & yet show no interest in the war crimes those weapons are causing.

          I suppose you are also fuming at some stones being painted orange today as well, while clapping the massacre of nearly forty thousand civilians every day for the last eight months?

          Why not? It is what every western government & the media promote as being good/justified somehow-but then we have a long history of not intervening in genocides in the Balkans & Rwanda & those didn’t even involve the ally that must be backed no matter what since 1948.

          • Feel better now? Stop wasting your time you gutless and cowardly individual. I may not agree with all Garry Saunders says below but he has the courage of his convictions and doesn’t hide behind a silly pseudonym.

          • No answer of course-you never do have, only insults in your right-wing, Tory licking, bigoted mind.

  12. Whatever ‘side’ you are on however, one thing should unite people on this.

    Are Elbit/Instro really fit to hold a UK licence for a building containing weapons parts etc, when a bunch of amateurs with bolt cutters can just snip through their fences, break some glass & get into a building with zero physical security on site, that apparently just leave inside entrance doors unlocked for any intruder to be able to get inside, steal what they please & cause damage?

    Imagine what a professional outfit of real criminals or terrorists with very bad intentions could do there & the possible consequences that could have for UK security. A company worth over 8 billion dollars, that has been the subject of many prior protests/attacks-but still too stingy to employ onsite security, relying purely on fences that anybody can cut through-pathetic & unacceptable.

    • Oh Dear your comment at 8:30 how sad. What a shame you won’t publish your real name I could buy you a drink at Wetherspoons in Margate.

    • “Imagine what a professional outfit of real criminals or terrorists with very bad intentions could do there” oh really? and this mob smashed their way in, spraying chili spray in the faces of security, then caused over a £££ Million worth of damage, people losing their jobs in the meantime. I think you are in cloud cuckoo land as these are the terrorists and real criminals you mention !! If every time a group of criminals decided to do what this lot did because they don’t agree with a company, individual, etc then we have a society without law and order. Something you say in previous posts that we are lacking in !! You sound like a hypocrite.

  13. Elbit produce components for weapons. It’s an Israeli company who sell to various States including Israel.
    Israel uses weapons with these components to kill civilians, close to 40,000 with thousands more unaccounted for.
    Like it ir not Israel is guilty of massive war crimes and crimes against humanity. Is it a crime to try and prevent more war crimes?
    The people who broke into Elbit are not terrorists as they terrorised no one. Staff were not there so who is feeling this threat? Elbit moved to Sandwich to avoid attention, to hide their business.
    Elbit know that people of good conscious will oppose their trade in death and destruction.
    The real question is whose side are you on?
    Nelson Mandela was a “terrorist” according to UK establishment figures until he became a man to be associated with, a trendy figure. Who among IoTN commentators thinks Mandela and the ANC were wrong?
    As Pinochet murdered and tortured his way through the Chilean population were the BA Systems workers wrong in refusing to service their Hawker Hunter aircraft? Even though the Conservative leadership at the time held Pinochet to be a saviour?
    The State of Israel has been terrorising Palestinians and its own citizens for decades.
    Watch the 2024 film “Where Olive Trees Weep” and then tell me which side of history you’re on.
    I, for one, support the action at Elbit in preventing further crimes.

    • Garry Saunders – you know a lot about nothing. All read off internet I have no doubt and an instant expert. I suggest you travel to some of these countries as I have and glean an insight to religious problems which have been present for centuries. Little has changed and very unlikely too. As for attacking a legitimate company premises, I suggest these clowns go to Middle East, Russia or Africa and try the same trick. They should be grateful for living in a stable country which allows lawful demonstrations. In Sudan they would be shot out of hand!

    • Terrorising security staff is still terrorism and an assault with the chili-pepper sprayed in their faces whilst causing criminal damage. It doesn’t make it okay to break the law and do that in the UK.

  14. What a load of morons. They should be sent to Gaza to do some good not smash up a factory that provides instruments to the military to safeguard the Country.
    If not then lock them up whilst rent a mob goes round and smashes their homes up, lets see how they like being on the firing end of all that violence, or just make them pay the company back for everything they destroyed and the loss of income and workers jobs.

  15. Suspended GB news anchor, if we’re going uo be pedantic about the causes of the problems in the Middke East then we need to look no further than the Arab Conquests of the 08th Century CE. Unlike the previous occupation of Isreal by the Romans and Sassanids, the Arab conquest installed regiems that were based on religious doctrine that was anti any other religious beliefs and vigorously persecuted non-Islamic worshippers, forcing many Jews to flee their homeland known as The Great Dispora.

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