‘Poo-covered’ ice cream van visits Margate to hand out ‘sewage sundaes’ in water quality protest

Campaign group 38 Degrees serving up ‘sewage sundaes’ Picture by © Nigel Howard

People in Margate can pick up a free ice cream today (June 17) – if they can cope with a disgusting twist!

Campaign group 38 Degrees will be visiting the harbour from 11.30am to 4pm, to highlight the issue of sewerage water releases across the country by handing out free sewage themed ice cream sundaes.

In a bid to help the public to take action against sewage spills “turning beaches into open toilets,” 38 Degrees is taking a ‘poo covered’ ice cream van on tour with free ice cream cones in a range of flavours and with poo-themed names and decorations.

At each stop, beach goers will be offered the chance to take action by signing a 38 Degrees petition, which has over 40,000 signatures from members of the public already, demanding that whoever becomes the next Prime Minister takes proper action to end sewage spills once and for all, by punishing polluting water companies.

Picture by © Nigel Howard

Matthew McGregor, CEO, at 38 Degrees, said: “Summer holidays are around the corner – but our Great British Seaside is under threat, and we’ve had enough. That’s why 38 Degrees has brought our poo-themed ice cream van to Margate: to highlight how water companies are turning our beaches into open toilets, by transforming the classic seaside ice cream cone into ‘sewage sundaes’.

“Luckily, unlike Kent’s beautiful coastline, our ice creams won’t actually contain any human waste – but behind this silly stunt is a deadly serious point.

“People across Kent don’t want to swim in seas filled with poo, let alone let their kids splash around in it. Whoever becomes our next Prime Minister has the chance to change that.

“We’ll be giving people in Margate  the chance to have their voices heard on this huge national issue – and pick up a delicious treat while they’re at it.”


  1. Maybe TDC should be concerned about the sewage on our streets.I walk everywhere in Thanet and the vast majority of streets are filled with detritus.Total neglect.Have they ever heard of sweeping.They are the cause of all the weeds that grow in our kerbs.Then we have to spray them releasing loads of chemicals into the atmosphere.Get your own house in order before you start preaching about pollution.

    • Maybe the people could stop dropping it. No matter how fast TDC clear it up there will be another scumbag letting their dog foul & walking off leaving it there, dropping cigarettes, dropping their junk food wrappers etc.

    • David

      It’s the people of thanet that litter not tdc. Why should my taxes be used to clear up after these disgusting residents ?

  2. Down my waye plenty of weeds growing in public areas between paving slabs now 4 foot high in slab fields of weeds. Also Tree growth including branches that are now so low a Limbo dancer would have second thoughts But now the low tree branches are meeting the vertical weeds. It looks so green and quaint.
    Just to include the tree’s are growing into private properties and inter twined in BT overhead cables. probably should not say this here that area is now a haven for fly tippers, + other not nice behaviour.
    Currently that area is maintained by by public expense (council tax) check your area at check my street co uk.

  3. It’s not the water companies that are at fault. Old Victorian sewage pipe lines and pumps that can’t cope with the masses of houses that are being thrown up. If big companies want to keep chucking up match box builds then the developers should foot the bill for a new sewage plant to deal with the issue not the water companies who are struggling with the copious amounts of waste due to over population. Some people really need to use there Brian’s a bit instead of being sheep. TDC need to stop these mass developments it’s a joke.

    • I had a long dead Great Uncle Brian & I used to work with a Brian. Neither of them would have been any use with the sewerage problems.
      Sorry J. You’re mistake did make me laugh, mainly because of my tiny childish brain.

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