Palestine Action protestors arrested over break in at Instro Precision at Sandwich

Palestine Action protestors break into Instro Precision at Sandwich (Image Palestine Action)

Seven Palestine Action protestors have been arrested over suspected aggravated burglary after Instro Precision at Sandwich was broken into and video released  of items being smashed up inside the building.

Activists say they are taking direct action against the manufacture of, or investment in, arms used for genocide of the Palestinians.

The ‘Instro Precision’ factory, used in the manufacture of scopes, sights, and targeting equipment for Israel’s military, has been “stormed and dismantled.”

In London, the offices of ‘Scotiabank’, major investors in Israeli military production, have been blockaded as 10 activists lock-on at each entrance – shutting the bank’s HQ down and demanding it cease its facilitation of genocide.

At Instro Precision Sandwich activists cut through three security fences, breaching the high-security premises at Discovery Park. Some laid ‘stinger’ spike strips at the roads leading to the factory to prevent any vehicular entry, while a smaller contingent broke into the factory itself.

Once inside, the activists say they “began dismantling technology, machinery and parts used to produce weapons of war, in order to prevent the export of arms to Gaza.”


The Instro site, on Artillery Way in the Discovery Park estate,  is owned by Elbit Systems, which provides a range of weaponry, including 85% of their military drone fleet and land-based equipment.

In 2019 the firm moved to Discovery Park from Broadstairs, where it had been the target of numerous protests. There have also been several protests at its site in Discovery Park which have escalated since October due to armed conflict between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian groups  taking place chiefly in and around the Gaza Strip since 7 October 2023.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a protest at Discovery Park, Sandwich shortly before 3.30am. Officers are currently at the scene and seven people have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary. They have been taken into custody and an investigation into the incident is underway.”


  1. “In 2019 the firm moved to Discovery Park from Broadstairs, where it had been the target of numerous protests.”

    What part of the statement “you are NOT welcome here” do the bosses of Instro Precision fail to understand?

    And who is paying for the police to arrest peace campaigners while there are still genuine criminals on the loose?

    • Since when did it become acceptable to cause criminal damage against someone you do not agree with ?

      We also have protestors smashing windows at banks over climate protests. That is rather ironic as it leaves shards of glass pollution that have to be cleared up and disposed of – and additional carbon produced in the process of manufacturing new glass.

      We are all entitled to our opinion but I am sure Mr Shacklock would expect me to be arrested if I went to his house and damaged his possessions purely because I do not like whatever job he does or whatever views he expresses.

      • If my job involved facilitating genocide then I would expect to be vilified by the entire community and I would expect the police to say “why on earth are you surprised?” if my home were damaged. But if a desire for peace is now perceived as an eccentric “view” then our society must be pretty sick.

          • Hey! Good question which I hope I can answer. We are not exporting weapons to Russia and our govt has openly stood against them & supported Ukraine in numerous ways. As a nation we have condemned the aggressor. Whereas we are currently supporting & exporting weapons to a nation that the ICC has judged are likely to be committing genocide. Our govt is supporting war crimes & we are supplying the weapons used to carry out those crimes.
            Some people oppose genocide & take lots of different forms of action against it. I hope that clarifies.

        • Ian Shacklock I see Corbyn campaigners have called for more people to go to Islington North to help in that man’s election campaign. Have you scuttled back to your old stomping ground to help him? Or are you just content to sit in your seaside retreat making comments that imply support for acts of criminal damage in East Kent and elsewhere in the UK?

      • Left wing thugs think they are above the law when in reality they are just as vile as the people they are protesting about. It’s about time the police dealt with the far left in a more heavy handed way. Like most people I am sick of virtue signalling lefties and their bigotry.

        • As yes of course. Taking direct action against an arms manufacturer is equivalent to committing genocide….
          Blimey. You do know we only have the vote because the suffragettes escalated & destroyed property, smashed windows, threw themselves under horses?

    • Yeah – “life sentence”, or will supporters of the other side in the conflict be going round destroying para glider businesses.

    • One has to be rather bent to not note the irony of telling people trying to SAVE 2.3 million lives to “get” a life.

    • Bang on Robert! People have always protested against those who make war, especially when it kills thousands of innocent people as in Gaza, by the Israeli’s. Apart from the 15,500 or more Palestinian children, and babies that have been killed by the Israel Defence Forces, using tanks, heavy artillery, jet fighters etc, some 90,000 have been severely injured! So any attempt to sabotage firms that are making this possible are to be welcomed, I just wish I was 50 years younger! In case anyone has missed it donations to Medical Aid For Palestinians can be made on: 020 7226 4114, and Action Aid who work mostly with women and girls on: 01460 238000. The United Nations have finally came out and condemned Israel for its killing of innocent civilians!

    • Robert, you have 2 sides that are primarily driven by religious beliefs, the extremists on each side face no real objection to what they do from the rest of their respective populations because said religious beliefs trumps common sense and peaceful negotiation.
      One side maintains a strong military force partly as a deterrent , that the other side chooses to still attack and then gets a bit peeved when the deterrent force becomes an offensive one is nonsense.
      No doubt their respective gods look down admiringly at the death and destruction resulting from believing in whats written.
      For anyone outside that sphere to comment is further nonsense and the side taken is generally one based on prejudice. Both sides are very insular in both religious and societal behaviours and believe respective non believers to be lesser beings.
      It’d do the world no harm if both sides utterly annihilated each other, neither side will stop unless they are sufficiently reduced or have gained sufficient advantage , the inane witterings of the rest of the world will have little effect. Neither side cares who they kill on the other and pretty much see their own losses as some sort a unfortunate consequence of a greater goal.

  2. Let’s hope these middle class, with nothing better to do than look for causes to support activists, get 20 years.

  3. Not very good security for a company doing what they do & having had so many incidents there over the years. Guess all the money must be going back to Elbit HQ & in the bosses pockets.

  4. If people who damage property in Sandwich deserve 20 years or Life imprisonment what sentence should be imposed on Israeli soldiers and politicians who use the Sandwich property to kill 37,000 people including 15,000 children? Knowing this country, they would probably get a knighthood.

    • That’s for international law to deal with, this is domestic vandalism, perhaps if you support it, you should be charged as a domestic terrorist, this isn’t demonstrating it’s terrorism to bully someone into submission, in my book, no better than the Israelis, let’s also not forget I do not support the events in Gaza,however the Israelis families suffered following the incursion of terrorists killing innocent event goers, how would you respond if it were here. Want the government to do something about weapon sales, protest outside MPs homes, it will have a better impact or do you not have the minerals to back up your conviction.

  5. Hamas instigated the current round of fighting by murdering women and children and taking hostages. Hamas are purposely not seeking a peaceful resolution because it is not In their nature or interest.

    • Well said and absolutely correct. It’s interesting how the lefties on here have forgotten that Hamas slaughtered over 1200 people . The left are hypocrites and bigots.

      • Well “Concerned” throughout the world Hamas are seen as Freedom Fighters, and the best recruiting sergeant they have is the Israeli Defence Force. I was active in the 80’s supporting the African National Congress (ANC) and I remember some white South Africans having to have 2 Passports, one British if they qualified by having a blood relative in the UK, and the other a South African one. This could happen too for Israeli’s. Nothing can excuse the mass murder and that is what it is, of thousands of innocent women children, and babies by the Israeli forces. Killing innocent civilians in retaliation for what Hamas did is wrong, wrong, wrong, and all right minded people should condemn it, as has the United nations finally.

  6. People ignoring the laws they don’t agree with is how we end up at war in the first place. The cost and disruption caused by this action will have no effect at all on the outcome in the middle east. Peaceful campaigns are the way forwards.

  7. There are companies all over the I.K. producing all sorts of weaponry and military technology that is being sold to all sorts of regimes. Why is this regime in particular being targeted. Again and again and again?
    The answer is simple. The Socialist Worker’s Party is the mover and shaker behind all of this. It is deeply anti -semitic, despite also being the force behind the Anti-Nazi League & Stop the War Coalition.
    This no different from what Hitler and Stalin would have encouraged.
    Shame on everyone involved in this criminal damage.

    • What a load of garbage, go to London and walk round the west end, you will see no leass than 8 to 10 different protests happening on any given day, specially weekends. All kinds of causes whether it’s climate or some foreign skirmish around the globe, if in each group there are between 10 and 60 people, 80% of them will be white, British, middle class,middle aged or over, with a smatter of younger rent a protester hippy that will latch onto any cause. Government has the power to ban arm sales, the ultra right wing Government which has failed this country for over a decade, but they don’t put a stop to it, do they. Charity begins at home, why not protest against the dumb loser chinless wonder self entitled Tories, lobby them to do something about it and see what happens, no action just talk and it will be kicked into the long grass.

    • If these actions were “anti-semitic” rather than “anti-genocide”, they’d have started long before 8 October. Palestine Action are responding to the Netanyahu/Ben-Gvir/Smotrich/Gallant death crew, NOT to “The Jews”.

  8. These people are protesting as a fashion choice, nothing more. They read all the adolescent rubbish spouted on tiktok, copy their brain-dead celebrity heroes and use it all as an excuse to cause as much mayhem as possible. Protesting is the newest craze for the mince-for-brains uneducated dross. All supported by millions of people whose first loyalty is to another country.

    I’ve even heard children going on about the bitch Thatcher, children whose parents weren’t even alive in Thatcher’s years in No. 10

    Bring back youth clubs – keep them off the streets. (tongue in cheek).

    • Well said, woke snowflakes that have great difficulty understanding the difference between tik tok and general posts on line due it be liked, from actual truth, which is defined by facts, and a fact is something which has hard evidence which proves the point.

    • Oh really Ms Pink (AKA Peter Checksfield) and just what regiment/corp did you serve in then? When I was in the army the Ministry of Defence didn’t exist, it was still called the Ministry of War! National Service was introduced to run down Britain’s colony’s, although some 55,000 servicemen were stationed in BAOR Germany, because of the soviet threat after the Berlin wall was erected in 1961. No women did National Service post war, so just what will these people be used for Ms Pink? I spent most of my service playing cards, apart from a brief tour in an African country “Peace Keeping” at the point of a bayonet sometimes!

      What people like you have yet to understand is Israel were holding hundreds of young people hostage BEFORE the Hamas attack last October, and they number several thousand now! Israeli’s had illegally taken over Palestinian land in the West Bank, and were killing Palestinian’s who objected, what did you expect, the Palestinian’s to do just accept this invasion? War does exist to overcome evil, just as they did in D-Day, in which my Dad took part, and to overcome the most barbaric regime that ever existed! The problem now is how does it end in Gaza?

  9. These braindeads are interfering with supplies to our own armed forces, they make some amazing hi-tech instruments this company.
    I just see them as Hamas supporters with 99% of them never set a foot on Israeli/Palestinian soil and the ongoing conflict there goes back to long before most were even born.
    They should all be sent to Guantánamo Bay for acts of terrorism against the crown.

    • Absolutely, it’s domestic terrorism. Fact is you do not win wars by being in the right and ethical, most wars across history have been won by those that are prepared to take steps they may even find distasteful and attrition.

  10. What’s the odds on these criminals getting little more than a slapped wrist?
    By the time it gets to court we’ll all have forgotten about it, meanwhile they’ll be free to smash up more local employers workplaces.

  11. So shocking to think that a company involved in the supply of weapons that massacres 10,000s of innocent children, medics, journalists & civilians is both on our doorstep & in the UK. Well done to those who are drawing attention to this awful onslaught. The pictures coming out of Gaza are distressing. The government must rescind the weapons licences. The UK can’t be complicit

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