Police carry out enquiries in Birchington after two men injured in assault incident

Police and ambulance attended the incident in Rossetti Road, Birchington (Image google maps)

Two men have been injured in a reported assault in Birchington.

Police and paramedics were called to Rosetti Road at 11.25am today (June 12) to a report of an assault. One man has been arrested in connection with the incident and officers remain in the area to carry out further enquiries.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report that a man had been assaulted in Rossetti Road, Birchington at 11.25am on Wednesday 12 June.

“Officers attended and a man has been arrested in connection with the incident.

“Two men sustained injuries which required hospital treatment and police remain in the area carrying out enquiries.”


  1. Just googled a couple of interesting stats.
    In April 2024, Ramsgate reported 14 crime incidents and in April 2024, Birchington reported 37 crime incidents.
    So much for comments knocking Ramsgate.

  2. In Birchington, it’s more like hooliganism. In Ramsgate, you’re lucky if you get out a scrap alive. That’s the difference 😉

  3. Birchington the town that keeps giving,no matter they say the place is to big to be village,crime centre of thanet😄😄😄😄😄

  4. I thought Ms. Pink,was about go on an extended holiday with the real Mrs. Pink?
    This might account for the absence of his much anticipated remarks on the seedy and nefarious happenings in Birchington.
    I, for one, will wait in hushed anticipation for Ms.Pink’sunique take on developments.

  5. Birchington is indeed a dreadful, boring dump. I should know, as I’ve lived there for 44 years and hate it. Luckily I’m dreadful and boring myself, and it suits me, despite my loathing.
    Saturday in the “village” is especially to be avoided, as you’re likely to be jostled off the pavement by angry, red faced, elderly Daily Mail waving brexiteers lurching out of shops (the few that aren’t gent’s hairdressers or nailbars) without looking, trip over a homeless person, or be run down by a motability scooter, and the path is often blocked by other wrinkly old folk shuffling along holding hands, unaware of the inconvenience they cause other pedestrians.
    Quite frankly, the recent spate of assaults and murders, even if they are almost certainly committed by illegal immigrants (if the wise and measured comments elsewhere on this site are to be believed), is a rather welcome bit of excitement, and I for one relish our new status as crime capital of Thanet, if not the world.
    So pass it on. Birchington. A crime ridden dump, and a terrible place to build 1600 new homes.

  6. I moved to Birchington 6 months ago, and was horrified at the level of crime in the village – until I compared it to where I came from, which had a level ten times higher.
    To me, Birchington is a quiet, restful place to live. I am aware of the older generation here, and they are proving to be a friendly bunch.

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