Dreamland to host Margate Pride with programme of events

Margate Pride Photo Frank Leppard

Dreamland will once again play host to Margate Pride on Saturday 10 August.

Headlining the celebrations will be Dreamland Drag Party on the Scenic Stage, with LGBTQ+ talent including the international DJ Jodie Harsh, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s Bimini and Raven Mandella.

Other performers include Amy Zing, B2B, Harry Gay, Dame Jame, Janet District Council plus special appearances from Shelly Grotto, Chai La-they and Pretzel Cage.

Doors open at 6pm and last entry is 9pm, tickets can be booked in advance at dreamland.co.uk.

This year, Dreamland is also hosting The Margate Pride Parade which will start at Walpole Bay Lawns at midday, before making its way across Margate, finishing at Dreamland’s Scenic Stage.

Eddie Kemsley, CEO Dreamland Margate said: “Margate Pride is one of our favourite annual parties and we are thrilled to host The Margate Pride parade celebrations all day from our Scenic Stage.  With the Dreamland Drag Party in the evening bringing a whole bundle of fun, sparkle and joy – this is a party you don’t want to miss!”

During the daytime, the park will also host activists and queer community leaders, speaking about the importance and significance of pride. Guests include Shiv, Margate Black Pride, Parental Acceptance, Para Pride, LGSM, Traveller Pride, Queer Refugees Unite and Dyke March.

Mx Margate beauty pageant, will be a take on the Miss Margate competitions of yesteryear, with a fun, queer twist including celebrity judges and performances. There will also be a selection of pride stalls from LGBTQ+ sellers and businesses, plus DJs and live music. Entry to Dreamland is free during the day.

Dreamland’s Hall by the Sea will also host Margate Pride’s first-ever Youth Pride, produced for and by 13-19 year olds. Youth Pride will include shows, crafting, a parent/carer creche plus more from the Be You Project and other local LGBTQIA+ spaces and resources.

Organisers for Margate Pride said: Margate Pride is super excited to fill the Dreamland stage with fabulous celebrations from our favourite local and global drag artists.  From Ru Paul’s girls, to our local homegrown talent, we believe that the expression and escapism found from watching drag performance is joyful, healing and a powerful way to celebrate Margate Pride 2024.

“We invite you to party with us as the sun sets across the scenic stage, and if the mood takes you, join us in a sparkly outfit and wig, or not, it’s your pride, you do you and we celebrate you in all your truth!  Everyone is welcome at this high camp, sparkly celebration of pride together in Margate.”

For more information about Margate Pride, visit margatepride.org.uk For details and to buy tickets for the Dreamland Drag Party, visit dreamland.co.uk

Pride Listings

Saturday 10 August

Midday – Parade leaves Walpole Lawns and ends in Dreamland – free

2pm – Rally – free

3pm – Mx Margate – free

4pm – DJs and choir – free

6pm – Dreamland Drag Party – ticketed/£


  1. Black is white.
    Shame becomes Pride.
    Respect used to be something one needed to earn. Now everyone deserves it.
    When’s Dreamland holding a Hetero Festival?
    What belongs in the bedroom should remain there. I don’t care who walks down the road holding hands or kissing. The politicisation of this by Queer grifters like Tatchell though…

  2. well said harry webb , most people feel like you but have not got the courage to say so ! i dread to think what some of the ” people ” hanging around there will be like, its not somewhere i would feel safe , let alone women and children , i just hope its well policed

  3. Always shoved in peoples faces pride month this pride month that pride parade here pride parade there, a lot of people are getting sick and tired of it all, no wonder why the young generation of kids growing up don’t know there arse from there elbow thinking it’s ok for grown men to parade around dressed up as a woman and now claim there a woman there’s 2 genders in my eyes man and woman that’s it

  4. Feels very commercial this year the big corporation behind dreamland involved. Doesn’t feel community led in this corporate setting.

  5. Wow, what a lovely amount of homophobic comments, proving why we still need pride to counteract all of these hideous responses.

    We don’t need a hetero pride because everyday is a hetero pride.

    I think of the above comments most of them are written by the same person agreeing with himself.

  6. Gender and sex are two different things.

    Certain indigenous peoples in the Americas and east Asia have celebrated and revered two spirit people for hundreds if not thousands of years. But having that knowledge would require you reading and educating yourself to the existence of other people outside of thanet.

    • But your not in America or east Asia are you? Your here parading around talking in a put on pathetic voice prancing around, Jesus if ww3 was ever to happen what chance would we have? Imagine being in the trenches with half this lot oh I can’t pick that rifle up I might break a nail !! My make up might run my dress might get dirty,

    • As the late great Little Richard preached “The Bible said Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! Ooh! My Soul! Whooooo!!!”.

      Wiser words have never been spoken.

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